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Product Spotlight: DeviceMaster RTS

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DeviceMaster RTS

DeviceMasterComtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS family of serial device servers enables browser-based remote port/device monitoring and configuration and provides an application software platform for local processing. It is designed for device networking versatility and offers software-selectable ports (RS-232/422/485) as well as the ability to host local embedded programs that are commonly used for intermediate serial data processing, protocol conversion, and other data-based applications. 

Ranging from 1-port models that provide single-device networking to 32-port models that offer high-density connections for specialized applications, the DeviceMaster RTS product is a network-attached solid-state embedded device server network serial port that delivers exceptional price, performance and reliability.

For more information or to compare different DeviceMaster RTS models, please contact a member of our sales team at [email protected] or 763.957.6000, or visit our RTS Product Comparison Chart.



Cutting commutes: New traffic technology in Minneapolis, MN

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New Traffic Management Center

The city of Minneapolis recently enhanced their Traffic Management Center to allow remote monitoring of every traffic light to reduce commute times.  Instead of sending out maintenance or technical personnel to the site when a traffic light issue arises, the traffic management operator is likely able to remotely resolve the problem.Traffic Management Center

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster® RTS is part of this integrated solution, enabling communication between the physical traffic lights and the traffic management center.

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To read the complete story by Jay Olstad, please visit

Customer Solution: Eyewear Lens Grinding & Polishing Equipment Control

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USB Serial Hub – Lens Grinding & Polishing

Several different software providers and equipment manufacturers in the eyewear production industry have recommended and integrated Comtrol’s products in conjunction with theirs to control lens grinding and polishing equipment.

USB Serial HubAlthough each company has applied the various products to their applications in a slightly different fashion, they have all found Comtrol’s products to be the most reliable solution in providing serial communication between computers and eyewear equipment.

Comtrol’s RocketPort®, DeviceMaster®, and USB Serial Hub products have been integrated and recommended by these companies when presenting their comprehensive management software and equipment to practices and groups.

Starting at the optometrist’s office computer, the RocketPort card has been integrated into a software program allowing them to manage their customer information and internal connections to the lens equipment. In the back production room, you will find that Comtrol’s DeviceMaster and USB Serial Hub have been integrated as part of the control system to the eyewear equipment.  These products provide an Ethernet connection for communication to the lens grinding and polishing equipment.  This connection between the office computer and eyewear equipment allows optometrists to perfectly fit prescription lenses into eye glass frames.

Comtrol’s diverse product offerings allow them to communicate between the PC and peripheral components in a way that suits their specific lens manufacturing needs, and provides their customers with a reliable solution.

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Customer Solution: Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Intersection Monitoring

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Power over Ethernet for Intersection Monitoring

Improving traffic flow is a growing priority for expanding cities and towns, and one of the most efficient ways to reduce accidents and heighten safety is the use of intersection monitoring through video recording.  Not only is the video used to determine ways to decrease traffic congestion – it can also be reviewed for accident footage, fault resolution, and to assure that traffic systems are working correctly.

Power over Ethernet Intersection MonitoringA large city in the state of Iowa is improving its intersection monitoring system.  A total of seventy intersections with approximately two hundred cameras are currently deployed around the city, constantly recording traffic activity.  Along with cameras, other equipment is installed at the intersections such as preemption devices, conflict monitors, battery backup devices and other various sensors.  Preemption systems detect emergency vehicles and adjust traffic signals to allow high-priority vehicles to drive safely through the intersections.  Additional sensor data is recorded at the intersections such as car counting, lane changing, and speed of traffic.



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