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Managing traffic: From airports to VLANs

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From Airports to VLANs

As business travelers walk briskly, custodians clean, and administrative workers hold their heads down and move forward to deliver their messages – the common area connecting large airport concourses can quickly become a mess.  Huge amounts of traffic move in different directions, creating congestion in the space.

To improve traffic flow, an architect could re-design the common area in an airport to eliminate all commonality by including multiple levels, so that each separate concourse had its own truly dedicated path.  As you can imagine, this set of bridges would create multiple replications of identical walkways, each with their own infrastructure. This would be a very expensive way to manage pedestrian traffic.

Rather than creating elevated paths for each concourse, the architect could simply paint lines on the floor and tell each pedestrian to walk only in his/her specific lane until he/she reaches the associated concourse.  This system would attain the same goal – segregating traffic and eliminating interruptions caused by inter-concourse travelers while drastically reducing infrastructure costs to build.

Airport Concorses to VLANsAirport to VLANs

Without a question, the above example is an oversimplification.  It is tough to imagine that a pedestrian traffic problem could be solved by red lines on the ground and a simple word of advice from the architect.


Avoiding Ring Topology? Benefits You May Not Know About

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SwitchesHave you ever considered using a ring topology for your IP surveillance network?

Here at Comtrol, we rarely hear of customers who utilize networks that are configured in a ring.  A star topology is almost always the way networks are configured by most of our customers across industrial automation, security, energy and other major markets we specialize in.

Likely one of the biggest reasons why people avoid a ring topology is that there is rarely interoperability between different brands of switches within that ring.  There is also the fear of broadcast storm.  If one switch goes down in a ring, you will have to buy that brand of switch again for use in that ring unless you remove all current switches and install another brand completely.


SERIES: Power over Ethernet Features – Part III

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Rebooting non-PoE devices using Comtrol’s RocketLinx® switches

Have you ever wanted the ability to cycle the power to an IP camera (or any other device) remotely but couldn’t? … Either because it is not a PoE powered device in the first place, or because it is a PoE++ camera that consumes 60+ watts of power and has its own custom power injector?

If that is the case, you may find this little trick of great interest for your next camera deployment where you may need to hang one of those monster PoE++ cameras on a pole in a remote location, or work on a city-wide surveillance project – and getting someone up on a ladder to manually cycle the power is no small feat.

Here is how the trick works. 

First, select any of Comtrol’s managed RocketLinx Ethernet switches.  All of them have a relay that can be controlled via the online web interface.  The relays on our switches are normally open and rated for a max of 24VDC @1amp so you will also need an industrial-grade relay in this setup as well.

In this example, we are using this Potter & Brumfield relay with our switch that will accept a 24VDC coil voltage and will allow up to 10A 240VAC to be pumped through the contact.  A relay socket can be plugged into the relay which makes it easier to make the connections.

Here is the general diagram for making the necessary connections.


Once everything is wired, log into the web interface of the switch, open the warning folder and select the fault relay file.  It will open to this screen.



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