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Product Spotlight: RocketLinx Voltage Boost

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RocketLinx – Industrial Ethernet Switches with Voltage Boost Technology


RocketLinx ES7106-VB 6-port Industrial unmanaged PoE Voltage Boost switch

  • RocketLinx ES7106-VBFour (4) 10/100 PoE (IEEE 802.3af compliant) ports capable of providing up to 15.4Watts per port
  • Two (2) 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports
  • Port/power alarming via DIP switch configurations
  • LED status indicators for Ethernet link, power connection/alarm
  • Simple “plug-and-play” switch setup
  • QoS priority filtering
  • -25° to +60°C operating temperature range

RocketLinx ® PoE Feature: Voltage Boost

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RocketLinx ES7106-VB

RocketLinx Voltage Boost

In March 2012 we kicked off our blog with the announcement of Comtrol’s first “-VB” enabled PoE switch.  What is “-VB,” and what made it such a notable product at the time?

The answer is “Voltage Boost,” the Comtrol designation for our industrial PoE Ethernet switches capable of being powered directly from low voltage 12 and 24 volt DC sources.  At first glance, this seems trivial as many industrial grade switches are capable of being powered from direct 12-48 volt DC sources, but it’s a big deal for PoE switches. PoE switches need to output 48VDC on the Ethernet lines in order to deliver power to connected PDs (powered devices) and therefore usually require connection to a dedicated 48 volt DC power supply – something that adds cost and complexity to an installation that might already have local 12 or 24 volt power available.  Comtrol’s -VB class switches overcome this hurdle by incorporating special DC-DC conversion circuitry that allows the switch to be powered by the lower voltage and ups the voltage internally to output 48 volts on the PoE lines.

Access Control - RocketLinx VB

The demand for PoE capable switches to source power to PoE devices has increased sharply in recent years with the rapid and widespread adoption of PoE devices and their clear benefits for simplifying installations and lowering deployment costs.  From PoE’s initial use in corporate PBX and telephone systems, it is now commonly used for connecting WiFi access points, access control systems, and the new class of security and surveillance IP cameras that are rapidly overtaking the older CCTV technology.


Five Things to Know About Comtrol’s Unmanaged RocketLinx® PoE Switches

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Comtrol’s Unmanaged PoE Switches

PoE SwitchesGiven the complexity of the markets, products, and expanding levels of technology at Comtrol, we believe firmly in the words of Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  This mentality, taken from one of the smartest men to live has led Comtrol to create a new type of data sheet: one that distills the complexity of a RocketLinx Power over Ethernet switch down to five key features.


A&E Specifications Released for RocketLinx® Switches

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Comtrol has released A&E specifications sheets for the following RocketLinx switches – and more are scheduled to appear on our site soon! As system developers and integrators know, Architectural & Engineering specs created for specific products are convenient and save time when writing a full project design spec. 

RocketLinx PoE - A&E Specifications

RocketLinx ES7105
RocketLinx ES7106-VB (voltage boost)
RocketLinx ES7110
RocketLinx ES7110-VB (voltage boost)

RocketLinx ES7510

Transportation & Bus Surveillance: Mobile Security

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As public transportation is becoming more popular in North America, following successful models used in foreign transportation systems can help guide our decisions and processes concerning public safety initiatives.

Adding surveillance to improve the safety of public transportation is one such example.  A European bus company was looking for an industrial Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch to connect critical components of its mobile security system.  Installations on the bus included six security cameras, a network video recorded (NVR) and a Wi-Fi router, that all required communication and power.  Devices used in transportation surveillance systems such as on buses or trains have a unique set of requirements and specifications that are crucial to operability and efficiency.  Devices must be compact and rugged to maximize available space, reduce crowding and survive extreme temperature conditions and harsh environments.

power over ethernet mobile security RocketLinx voltage boost

Comtrol’s RocketLinx® ES7110-VB (voltage boost) switch is used in this security configuration to ensure quality system performance and to meet the system specifications. As cameras send data and video to the NVR, it is transferred wirelessly from the bus to a remote monitoring room via the Wi-Fi router.  The RocketLinx ES7110-VB has eight 10/100BASE-TX PoE injector ports for directly powering remote equipment and reducing wiring and installation costs, and two Gigabit uplink ports for megapixel video transmission and high-quality streaming data and video.  Additionally, the switch provides a 12/24VDC power input boost to 48VDC, eliminating the need for a separate power supply or voltage converter to conserve space and cost.

Featuring a DIN rail mount and measuring less than two inches in width, the ES7110-VB works well with limited space and other equipment placement in a surveillance system.  Dual redundant power independent power inputs for potential power loss enables a backup power supply to compensate for loss of main power and maintain camera operation.  The rugged IP30 enclosure protects the switch from vibration and shock, while the -25° to +60°C operating temperature allows for installation in a variety of environments.

Comtrol’s RocketLinx Power over Ethernet switches are engineered for industrial applications such as IP video surveillance or wireless broadband, where the power source is not conveniently located.  With rugged, drip-proof housings, redundant power inputs and performance command-line interfaces, these PoE switches provide reliable networking solutions.

With both managed and unmanaged models available, the RocketLinx ES series of switches provide cost-effective networking solutions delivering the industry’s best rugged Ethernet switch technologies.

Download PDF here >>

Worldwide Release: Comtrol’s RocketLinx ES7110-VB

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RocketLinx ES7110-VB Industrial Ethernet Switch

Earlier this month, we released the new industrial Power over Ethernet switch with ‘Voltage Boost’ technology.  This enables the switch to receive power from common 12- and 24-volt supplies which are typically needed to power PoE systems.  The unmanaged RocketLinx ES7110-VB switch enables easy drop-in PoE device connectivity in transportation, factory and industrial settings while powering devices such as IP surveillance cameras, scanners, wireless access points and point-of-sale systems.

RocketLinx ES7110-VB Industrial Ethernet SwitchAlong with advanced PoE and networking capabilities, the ES7110-VB is designed for reliable deployment in harsh conditions, with advanced features including redundant power inputs, port alarms, and an IP31-rated industrial aluminum housing.  The extended operating temperature range ensures consistent operation in places such as mass transit vehicles, factories and outdoor settings.                                                                                        For more information and specifications, click here!


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