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Security Spotlight: Access Control

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Access Control

Though Comtrol devices have had a consistent presence in the security market, many of Comtrol’s switches and gateways are used – and even specifically designed – for access control.

RocketLinx ACS7106

The RocketLinx ACS7106 is the industry’s first UL294/UL294B listed PoE switch that meets all state and local government requirements for access control installations. It is certified with Siemens and HID access control products, and features voltage boost technology (12-24VDC input power) for easy integration with fire/alarm/access control power systems.

What is UL294?

UL294 is the standard of safety for Access Control System units that all access control systems must meet. UL294B is a new subset of the UL294 standard, specifically for the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) in access control systems where PoE is the primary power source.  These PoE devices are required to remain working normally through multiple rigorous tests in hazardous conditions in order to obtain the UL294B certification.  These tests consist of voltage/electrical variation, humidity, jarring, mechanical strength, temperature tests, etc.

Door Access Control System – DeviceMaster RTS


Access Control

Access control can be used in a variety of different ways from a lock on a car door, to a PIN on an ATM system, to a door control reader granting or denying access to a building.

In the door control industry a credential, such as a badge containing an RFID tag, is presented to a reader. The reader sends the information to a control panel, a highly reliable processor, and compares the credential’s information to an access control list and either grants or denies that person access to the building.

Within these access control applications there is a need to bridge the serial communication of the door controller into the network. Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS has been used to create this bridge in many different door control applications. The DeviceMaster RTS takes the serial information from the door controller, converts it and communicates to the control panel via Ethernet.

Companies rely on reliable and accurate access control to provide the safety and confidentiality that they need for their employees. The DeviceMaster RTS makes a good fit for door control applications because of its software-selectable RS-232/422/485 communication modes, ease-of –use and reliability.

Industrial Surveillance with Axis Communications – RocketLinx PoE


Establish consistent industrial surveillance through network camera control

Securing property such as manufacturing facilities and perimeters is essential to any industrial company’s asset protection system. Ideally, personnel would be monitoring the property consistently. However, combining essential pieces of equipment to form a comprehensive security system customizable to your surveillance needs provides a cost-effective solution to protecting valuable goods from theft.

Providing network video security solutions to a surveillance system can improve loss prevention by:

  • Automatically capture video when a perimeter is breached
  • Placing surveillance in areas not accessible to personnel
  • Accessing real-time video, even from remote locations
  • Identifying potential intruders

Using industrial outdoor cameras or network cameras with pan, tilt and zoom features in conjunction with Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches to control a security system greatly increases opportunities to utilize power and communication.

Industrial security monitoring

A surveillance system comprised of Axis cameras and Comtrol’s PoE switches provide benefits such as providing automatic alerts when someone enters a perimeter or restricted area, night vision and thermal images, HDTV-quality video images, and real-time access to live and recorded images. Axis’ easy-to-install, outdoor ready cameras and Comtrol’s ruggedized switches with drip-proof housings, redundant power inputs and performance command-line interfaces, combine to provide reliable networking solutions for industrial security monitoring.

Comtrol’s Technology Specifications

Comtrol’s RocketLinx Power over Ethernet switches feature:

  • Rugged, industrial-grade PoE switches
  • IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at PoE and PoE Plus models
  • Managed and unmanaged models
  • Feature DIN-rail, panel, and rack mount designs
  • Compatible with all Axis PoE camera models


Product Spotlight: RocketLinx Voltage Boost

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RocketLinx – Industrial Ethernet Switches with Voltage Boost Technology


RocketLinx ES7106-VB 6-port Industrial unmanaged PoE Voltage Boost switch

  • RocketLinx ES7106-VBFour (4) 10/100 PoE (IEEE 802.3af compliant) ports capable of providing up to 15.4Watts per port
  • Two (2) 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports
  • Port/power alarming via DIP switch configurations
  • LED status indicators for Ethernet link, power connection/alarm
  • Simple “plug-and-play” switch setup
  • QoS priority filtering
  • -25° to +60°C operating temperature range

Access Control UL294/294B Regulations: Why Do They Matter?

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Access Control UL294

UL294 is the standard of safety for Access Control System units that all access control systems must meet. UL294B is a newer standard, specifically for the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) components used within access control systems where PoE is the primary power source.

Access Control

Government and state regulations are moving toward required UL294 compliance. Comtrol’s RocketLinx ACS7106 is the first UL294B certified switch enabling confidence in deployment and integration within access control systems. 

The ACS7106 switch features four 10/100BASE-TX PoE Plus ports for providing power and data to remote PDs (Powered Devices) such as access card readers and IP surveillance cameras, and two 10/100/1000BASE-TX uplink ports that assure maximum throughput for high bandwidth applications.


The official site for the UL Standards states that:


1.1 These requirements apply to the construction, performance, and operation of systems intended to regulate or control:

a)    Entry into a protected area or a restricted area or

b)    Access to or the use of a device(s) by electrical, electronic or mechanical means.


Worldwide Release: RocketLinx ACS7106

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Comtrol's RocketLinx ACS7106

RocketLinx ACS7106

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – July 23, 2013

Comtrol Corporation today announced the release of the RocketLinx™ ACS7106, the first UL 294/294B listed Power over Ethernet switch designed for the access control market.  The UL294B listing states compliance with the strict UL safety standards for access control equipment being increasingly mandated by state and local governments.  The new RocketLinx ACS7106 offers access control integrators and systems builders the full benefits of PoE Plus for connecting card readers, electric strikes/locks, keypads and camera equipment.  The RocketLinx ACS7106 is easily installed in outdoor or indoor industrial settings (extended operating temperature from -40° to 55°C) and is ideally suited for access control integration with four 10/100BASE-TX Gigabit uplink ports, assuring maximum throughput for high-bandwidth applications.  Easy plug-and-play installation eliminates costs and cabling complexity typical with rack mounted or individual PoE midspans.


RocketLinx ® PoE Feature: Voltage Boost

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RocketLinx ES7106-VB

RocketLinx Voltage Boost

In March 2012 we kicked off our blog with the announcement of Comtrol’s first “-VB” enabled PoE switch.  What is “-VB,” and what made it such a notable product at the time?

The answer is “Voltage Boost,” the Comtrol designation for our industrial PoE Ethernet switches capable of being powered directly from low voltage 12 and 24 volt DC sources.  At first glance, this seems trivial as many industrial grade switches are capable of being powered from direct 12-48 volt DC sources, but it’s a big deal for PoE switches. PoE switches need to output 48VDC on the Ethernet lines in order to deliver power to connected PDs (powered devices) and therefore usually require connection to a dedicated 48 volt DC power supply – something that adds cost and complexity to an installation that might already have local 12 or 24 volt power available.  Comtrol’s -VB class switches overcome this hurdle by incorporating special DC-DC conversion circuitry that allows the switch to be powered by the lower voltage and ups the voltage internally to output 48 volts on the PoE lines.

Access Control - RocketLinx VB

The demand for PoE capable switches to source power to PoE devices has increased sharply in recent years with the rapid and widespread adoption of PoE devices and their clear benefits for simplifying installations and lowering deployment costs.  From PoE’s initial use in corporate PBX and telephone systems, it is now commonly used for connecting WiFi access points, access control systems, and the new class of security and surveillance IP cameras that are rapidly overtaking the older CCTV technology.



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