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Comtrol NOW | Issue 28

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Comtrol NOW | Issue 28

Worldwide Release DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus



MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – September 11, 2014 – Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial devices connectivity products, today officially released the DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus, the newest member of the DeviceMaster UP family of industrial gateways and the industry’s first 16-port high-density Modbus gateway. Featuring Comtrol’s highly advanced Modbus Router firmware, this gateway provides robust connectivity options for environments including factory, warehouse, energy, oil and gas, and transportation where the Modbus protocol is widely used for device and industrial network communications.  READ MORE

Success of IO-Link


Comtrol is helping to spread the industrial IO-Link initiative… who else is using IO-Link?

Customer Solution - ORT


Open Road Tolling for NHDOT – RocketLinx ES8108 enables the E-ZPass ORT system

Redundant Serial Device Monitoring


Whitepaper: Redundant serial device monitoring – a basic single serial device monitored by two PCs… 


APTA Expo & Annual Meeting (Houston, TX)
SPS / IPC Drives (Nuremburg, Germany)


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Worldwide Release: DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus

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Comtrol Modbus controllers
DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus



Comtrol is introducing the DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus compact Modbus gateway designed to provide serial and network communication between a vast array of Modbus controllers and devices.  Simplified configuration pages, comprehensive connectivity options, and informative diagnostics make for quick and easy set-up of even the most complex Modbus installations.


For more information or to request an evaluation unit, contact [email protected] or 763.957.6000


DeviceMaster UP: SmartPapers – PLC to Floor Device Connectivity

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DeviceMaster UP
DeviceMaster UPFor most organizations employing sophisticated automation systems for manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing have historically been hampered by technical and feasibility issues connecting plant floor devices to PLCs within the enterprise due to incompatibility with industrial automation control systems.

This communication problem is solved with the DeviceMaster UP.

When Smart Papers, a leading commercial paper manufacturer, set the goal to improve finished product quality assurance and gain more detailed manufacturing lot information using existing infrastructure, they chose the DeviceMaster UP.  It worked perfectly with their EtherNet/IP network, which extended commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet to the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™), and upper layer protocol fully compatible with standard TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP and SNMP.  CIP allows EtherNet/IP product developers, system integrators and users to apply the same objects and profiles for plug-and-play interoperability among devices from multiple vendors and in multiple sub-nets.  EtherNet/IP provides manufacturers with a proven and future-proof Ethernet network solution, one that incorporates all the advantages that have made Ethernet and internet technologies ubiquitous and essential in office applications, while delivering interoperable, open network products that are supported by a vast network of vendors worldwide.


Private Modbus Serial Bus Functionality via DeviceMaster® UP Modbus Router

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Modbus Installations

Security and visibility are becoming increasingly important in today’s Modbus installations. Engineers are being asked to provide more visibility to Modbus installations, and at the same time, are also being asked to keep devices secure from unauthorized access and errant configuration changes. To make things more challenging, they are also being asked to do more with existing equipment. And let’s not forget the all-too-common limited budgets and tight schedules.

DeviceMaster UP Modbus Installations

So, how does one add a SCADA or HMI system to an existing Modbus network without compromising the security of existing Modbus devices? How does one design a Modbus installation that limits control of Modbus slave devices to a single Modbus master and yet can provide status information from those same device(s)? How does one add additional equipment quickly, easily and economically? And how does one maintain such an installation once it is operational? That is not easy – unless if you have a DeviceMaster UP running Modbus Router.

At Comtrol, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to help solve such challenges. Unique and extensive functionally designed to solve the most difficult problems with ease-of-use, robustness, and maintainability – that is what we are all about.

For more information:

Worldwide Release: Comtrol’s RocketLinx ES8508-XT Switch Series

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Comtrol RocketLinx ES8508-XT

Comtrol Launches Extended Temperature Compact Industrial Ethernet Switch Series | RocketLinx ES8508-XT

RocketLinx ES8508-XTMINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — November 21, 2013 — Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial device connectivity products, today announced the release of the RocketLinx® ES8508-XT series of industrial managed Ethernet switches. The introduction of this new 8-port switch series extends Comtrol’s popular RocketLinx line of industrial Ethernet switches by providing the convenience of both copper and integrated fiber Ethernet ports in a compact, extended temperature range switch ideally suited for deployment in factory, traffic and railway applications. Like all RocketLinx switches, the ES8508-XT series meets the performance and environmental criteria for demanding applications with an extended operating temperature, rugged design, and broad security and performance features including VLAN, QoS, and RSTP/MSTP support. The new RocketLinx ES8508-XT model includes eight (8) 10/100BASE-TX ports while the ES8508F-XT models (Single-Mode and Multi-Mode) feature six (6) 10/100BASE-TX and two 10/100BASE-FX SC fiber ports. All three switches meet EN50121-4 EMC and IEC 61373 vibration standards for railway applications.

“The introduction of the RocketLinx ES8508-XT switches respond to the growing requests for a smaller, fiber-integrated counterpart to our successful ES8510-XT series of transportation and industrially focused switches,” stated Brad Beale, President of Comtrol, “The ES8508-XT series delivers the same security and management features found in our other managed ‘XT’ switches but in a smaller, economical package with NEMA TS2 traffic certification and a high level of immunity to both electromagnetic interference and vibration.”

The ES8508-XT series also supports Modbus TCP/IP for integration with factory networks and includes the latest technologies to ensure reliable, high-bandwidth data communication including a 32Gbps switch fabric for real-time non-blocking data transmission, dual 10-60VDC redundant power inputs (positive or negative), redundant network topology support, and a high performance ARM9 processor with an embedded hardware watchdog timer for system reset and recovery.


DeviceMaster® UP Modbus Router – Shared Memory, Controller to Controller Communication

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Modbus Controllers

Today’s Modbus installations are becoming increasingly complex.  More and more installations are requiring the use of multiple Modbus controllers, and the need to share information between the controllers is becoming increasingly important.

DeviceMaster Modbus Controllers

Sharing information between Modbus controllers can be relatively easy if one controller can communicate as a master (or client) and the other as a slave (or server). The master controller simply sends a message to the slave controller and the slave responds.  However, what do you do when each controller can only be configured as a master?

The DeviceMaster UP, running with the Modbus Router firmware, provides master-to-master connectivity using a configurable Shared Memory sub-system.  The Shared Memory sub-system features eight Holding Register blocks containing 200 registers each, and eight coil blocks containing 160 coils each.  Write access for each Shared Memory block can be either enabled for all masters or restricted to a single master.  Write messages that are addressed to restricted block(s) from unauthorized master(s) are rejected, logged, and displayed in the Write Violation Log web page.

Additional web pages provide configuration, diagnostics, and status information for the Shared Memory blocks.

>> Continue reading… 

For more information about DeviceMaster UP or Modbus Solutions, please contact [email protected] or 800.926.6876

Customer Solution: Industrial Brewery Production and Diagnostics

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A major American brewing company was in need of a solution for its production facilities that could network multiple production processes together  and be able to withstand temperatures in excess of 140°F without failing. Multiple controllers and production machines needed to be seamlessly connected, and it had to work flawlessly.  After extensive research and testing, the company chose to deploy Comtrol’s DeviceMaster® UP.

DeviceMaster UPLoaded with Modbus/TCP firmware, the DeviceMaster UP provides the brewery a flexible, easy-to-use and highly robust solution.  Controllers include SCADA systems communicating over Modbus/TCP and PLCs communicating via Modbus/TCP, serial Modbus/RTU or serial Modbus/ACSII.  The production machines communicate via ASCII data, Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII.  Further complicating the situation, the ASCII data machines need to communicate to each controller independently.

The DeviceMaster UP seamlessly networks the controllers to the production machines. The automatic Modbus protocol conversion functionality enables multiple Modbus controllers to communicate to the serial Modbus machines.  The industry’s first command/response mode enables multiple controllers to independently communicate to the ASCII production machines.


ISDU Handling with Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4

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Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4 – ISDU Handling

IO-Link Master EIP-4In case you missed it, we recently published a post explaining IO-Link technology along with an overview of our IO-Link Master EIP-4 product.  As more people learn about the benefits of IO-Link, the more questions we get about our master’s features. Here are some of the features explained below.

One of the features explained is how Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4 eliminates complex and lengthy PLC programming for process data and ISDU handling (sometimes known as SPDU).

The Comtrol IO-Link Master provides a flexible and simplified ISDU interface with the following features:

  • Multiple or single ISDU command message support
  • Blocking and non-blocking messaging methods
  • Flexible PLC ISDU message formatting – each message can contain a single command, multiple commands with the same data area size, or multiple commands with varying data area sizes


Product Spotlight: DeviceMaster® UP

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The DeviceMaster UP industrial Ethernet gateways are designed to provide EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, and PROFINET PLC connectivity to a wide variety of devices.

Advanced features include:

DeviceMaster UP industrial Ethernet gateways

  • Protocol Flexibility – EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, PROFINET IO
  • DualConnectPlus™ Technology – connect raw/ASCII devices (serial and/or Ethernet) to PLCs and/or applications simultaneously.  String, RFID, and barcode data filtering eliminates redundant data while extracting the RFID and barcode parameters
  • Web-based Configuration – makes configuration changes quick and easy
  • Diagnostic Capabilities – informative message logs, communication, and status pages
  • Unique protocol-specific features – Peer-to-Peer Modbus/TCP, Write-to-Tag EtherNet/IP, etc.
  • Temperature rated for extreme conditions 
  • Rugged Housing – with panel, rack and DIN rail mounting options
  • PortVision™ Plus – remote monitoring and management software to automatically locate DeviceMaster UPs on the network, enable user to view status, update firmware and resolve issues remotely
  • …and more!


Efficiency in Energy Management

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An energy meter manufacturing company based in Cairo, Egypt discovered that there is an economical solution to the extra time and cost that can be accrued by sending out company personnel to manually read electrical meters and log energy usage from each floor of a commercial building.

Property management and energy companies can reduce time and expenses by adding a DeviceMaster® Ethernet gateway to their physical system configurations as well as a corresponding software program on their networks.

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP 1-Port has been used by the energy meter manufacturing company to complement its meters and provide as a package to property management companies.  The DeviceMaster UP 1-Port has the capability to connect the energy meters together for remote reading and monitoring.Energy Meter Management



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