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IO-Link Protocol

The IO-Link protocol is a powerful standard, and it has had an increasing influence on the device networking industry in recent years. According to a study conducted by Quest TechnoMarketing, referenced in an article from Profibus, 47% of machine manufacturing companies are expected to be using IO-Link technology by 2016. Furthermore, IO-Link has been implemented into the systems of nearly all PLC manufacturers. Fourteen fieldbus systems, along with the majority of sensor and actuator manufacturers, have followed suit.

IO-Link Master EtherNet/IP Comtrol


Comtrol Chosen for North America’s IO-Link Competency Centers

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IO-Link Competency Centers

With increased developments in IO-Link technology, the need for Competency Centers has grown from locations in Germany and the Czech Republic to the USA.  The designated Competency Centers are labs in which technical expertise and support are available and offered to IO-Link manufacturers and vendors.

IO-Link Competency Center

What is IO-Link?

IO-Link is a powerful standard, an increasingly deployed point-to-point serial communication protocol used to communicate with sensors and/or actuators. Extending the globally recognized PLC standard IEC 61131, it allows three types of data to be exchanged – Process data, service data, and events. Major sensor manufacturers and industrial manufacturing companies, including Comtrol, have joined the international IO-Link Consortium to promote the IO-Link communication protocol due to its many advantages over standard I/O.

Competency Centers


Comtrol’s IO-Link Gateway User Benefits

We are pleased to introduce the industry’s highest density IO-Link Master gateway. The IO-Link to EtherNet/IP™ Master combines the benefits of the IO-Link standard with the EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP protocols. Easily integrate the IO-Link Master into your system network with existing and new industrial Ethernet installations.

  • Reduce maintenance and cabling costs
  • Reduce PLC programming times
  • System integration and interoperability for SCADA & process controllers
  • Complete set of network management tools

Read PROFINEWS May 2014 for more information about the IO-Link Competency Centers. 

ISDU Handling with Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4

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Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4 – ISDU Handling

IO-Link Master EIP-4In case you missed it, we recently published a post explaining IO-Link technology along with an overview of our IO-Link Master EIP-4 product.  As more people learn about the benefits of IO-Link, the more questions we get about our master’s features. Here are some of the features explained below.

One of the features explained is how Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4 eliminates complex and lengthy PLC programming for process data and ISDU handling (sometimes known as SPDU).

The Comtrol IO-Link Master provides a flexible and simplified ISDU interface with the following features:

  • Multiple or single ISDU command message support
  • Blocking and non-blocking messaging methods
  • Flexible PLC ISDU message formatting – each message can contain a single command, multiple commands with the same data area size, or multiple commands with varying data area sizes



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