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Automation Integrator uses Comtrol for Device Connectivity

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DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E

A leading integrator of factory automation and robotics solutions selected the Comtrol DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E for a production line cell for forging spindles. In this application laser markers communicating via Ethernet TCP/IP were used to apply a serial number to the spindles. The commands were sent to the marker through a PLC running Profinet. Further down the process, the spindles are loaded into a dunnage box that is applied with a label that lists the part number, date/ time, and operator ID. This data is passed to an Ethernet TCP/IP label printer from a Profinet PLC through the DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E.

DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E was the perfect solution because it can connect multiple TCP/IP Ethernet interface devices to an Industrial Ethernet protocol. In addition to Profinet, these devices can also connect to Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP controllers.

The DeviceMaster UP provides the following communication modes:

  • EtherNet/IP™ to Serial or Ethernet TCP/IP
  • PROFINET IO to Serial or Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Modbus/TCP to Serial or Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU
  • Modbus/RTU Device (Auto Locate and Auto Route)
  • TCP/IP Socket Communication

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Creative Solutions for Industrial Automation

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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

In an industry as unique as industrial automation, it can be difficult to find the products to fit your business’ needs. Comtrol’s products have many applications in the industrial space. Our DeviceMaster UP, RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet switches, and IO-Link Masters have been utilized in manufacturing and distribution centers, connecting multiple production processes, and in making efficient applications run seamlessly.

With its feature rich options, Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP provides EtherNet/IP™, Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, and PROFINET connectivity to a wide variety of devices. Easily connect your PLCs to serial and Ethernet TCP/IP devices such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, weigh scales, vision systems, printers, encoders, and sensors. DeviceMaster UP has been used in many industrial automation settings to improve the efficiency of assembly lines, communication between different automated systems, and more.

The RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet switches are designed to meet the performance and environmental demands for applications requiring extended operating temperatures, rugged housings and high performance and reliability. With both managed and unmanaged models available, the RocketLinx ES series of switches provide cost-effective networking solutions delivering the industry’s best Ethernet switch technologies.

Offering advanced industrial protocol gateways such as IO-Link masters, to ruggedized Ethernet and PoE switches, power supplies, and media converters, Comtrol has a solution for your industrial manufacturing application.

Comtrol in the Energy Industry

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Energy Industry

Within the energy industry, companies are continuously looking for ways to maximize the use of our finite natural resources. Comtrol Corporation provides several solutions for companies who are looking to increase their efficiency in energy.
Energy Industry
Comtrol’s DeviceMaster servers have applications in many different parts of the energy industry. Many of our DeviceMaster servers are in place controlling several different energy systems, including hydraulic fracturing with oil collection, wind power, underwater hydropower, and more. The DeviceMaster has also been used to collect data from energy meters, and monitor oil pipelines.

RocketPort® multiport serial cards provide data collection and control capabilities within systems such as electricity generation and conversion. Customers who have used the Rockeport serial card have seen that the card provides reliable monitoring between substations of electricity generation, and efficient communication between all intelligent electrical devices (IEDs).

Becoming more efficient in the way we harvest energy helps to preserve resources and allows us to successfully distribute every portion of that usable energy with minimal loss. Comtrol is committed to providing high-performance and quality communication, data transmission and connectivity devices for these processes

Customer Solution: EMR system and medical devices integration

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EMR System and Medical Devices

By the end of this year, the Obama administration has set aggressive goals for hospitals to implement electronic medical records (EMR) that meet the “meaningful use” objectives requirements.

Medical DevicesThis creates the need for a software bridge between the patient bedside data to the network where the medical information will be stored in the patient’s EMR.  This storage of medical information in the EMR allows medical practitioners to observe trends in the monitoring data over periods of time.

One medical management company has integrated Comtrol’s DeviceMaster® RTS into their software program process creating a seamless data transfer.  This software program gives hospitals a cost-effective way to collect, store, and synchronize data from a large list of medical devices.

The serial information collected from medical devices such as infant warmers and incubators, pulse oximetry devices, cerebral/somatic oximeters, light and sound meters, oxygen analyzers, etc. is gathered by Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS in each hospital room.  The DeviceMaster transmits this information seamlessly over the Ethernet network to the EMR software program where it is saved in the patient’s file.

To learn more about Comtrol’s DeviceMaster products, visit

We’ve streamlined Property Management Systems & Peripheral Service Systems communication

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Thousands of hotel properties are using RocketPort® and DeviceMaster® products to assist in the integration of their Property Management Systems and multiple peripheral service systems.

Hotel companies and property management software providers across the world have used Comtrol’s products to connect Property Management Systems (PMS) with multiple peripheral service systems on each property.  These systems include phone systems, keyless locks, room energy management, television services, on-site POS systems and others.  Although each company has applied our various RocketPort and DeviceMaster products to their applications in slightly different configurations, they have all found Comtrol’s products to be the most reliable and effective solution in providing serial communication between their PMS and the multiple peripheral systems.

DeviceMaster RTS RocketPort Property Management Systems

Comtrol’s RocketPort, DeviceMaster, and RocketPort USB Serial Hub products have been integrated by these hotel companies when installing their corporate and franchise properties’ comprehensive property management software and equipment.  More than 15,000 RocketPort and DeviceMaster products have been installed in hotels worldwide, including within properties of many of the most-recognized names in the hospitality industry.

Comtrol’s product offerings give hotels and PMS providers:

  • Reliable diverse connections for peripherals via Ethernet, serial and USB connections
  • Multiple serial communication connections to the PMS server
  • Additional configuration flexibility when the peripheral system is not in the immediate location of the PMS server

Comtrol’s Products enable these hotels and PMS providers to implement connections between the multiple peripheral systems and the PMS to fit their business and technical needs most effectively.  Ultimately, this allows them to provide a reliable property management solution to their hotel operators.

Download PDF of story here >>

Machine Monitoring and Productivity – Wilson Diagnostics & DeviceMaster® RTS

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Wilson Diagnostic Systems

In industrial processing and manufacturing, machinery errors and malfunctions can be time-consuming obstacles.  The troubleshooting process has seldom been quick and precise.  To improve this process and increase productivity, Wilson Diagnostic Systems Company has developed revolutionary high-functionality software that monitors all input and output signals on PLCs, machines and I/O generating points to screen for pattern irregularities in performance.

Wilson Diagnostic Systems’ PlantTrak™ software is installed into a system network to generate reports based on monitoring all integrated machinery on that network.  As soon as an irregularity is detected, PlantTrak analyzes the data to determine whether an error or malfunction has occurred, and can be programmed to generate an alarm.  The report data can then be used to identify exactly where the error or malfunction is originating from.

Wilson Diagnostic Systems designed PlantTrak to communicate through Ethernet.  However, some machines and PLCs may only have serial, not Ethernet, ports to connect to the presiding network.  Comtrol’s DeviceMaster products provide the crucial capability to bring serial machines onto the network and into the software.Wilson Diagnostic Machine Monitoring and Production System

At a local industrial die casting company, productivity is crucial.  The company installed PlantTrak on their network to maintain performance and to expand their PLC-based productivity.  The current die casting system consists of multiple stand-alone PLC units, which require Ethernet connections to the system network.  However, each PLC contains only one serial RS-232 communication port.  Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS 1-Port has been integrated into the system as the connectivity solution.  A serial connection is established between each isolated PLC and a DeviceMaster RTS 1-Port, which then transmits relevant data through the Ethernet connections to the main network.

A comprehensive performance history is recorded for each machine, though the PlantTrak capability to follow the monitoring in real-time is often essential for troubleshooting and process refinement.  The exceptionally fast TCP/IP connection capability of the DeviceMaster RTS allows for multiple PLCs to be pinged, or monitored, up to 10 times per second to ensure exact system performance.  Comtrol’s DeviceMaster has proved to be an exceptional partner with Wilson Diagnostic System’s PlantTrak software to optimize system performance and productivity.


Customer Snapshot: City of Chandler, AZ

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DeviceMaster RTS Traffic Cabinet - Chandler, AZChandler, Arizona

Traffic cabinets in the middle of the hot, arid desert climate of Chandler, Arizona required traffic control devices to be able to withstand 160°F temperatures and to allow easy expansion of the city’s traffic system.

Chandler’s traffic engineers chose Comtrol’s DeviceMaster® RTS to meet these requirements.  With its PortVision® Plus feature-rich software, wide operating temperature range, reliability and ease-of-use, the DeviceMaster RTS was the perfect solution to control PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) traffic cameras, change signal timing for road construction, manage short-term maintenance needs, and even control demands for special events or accidents. 


Click here for more details about this application

For more information about Comtrol’s DeviceMaster gateways and serial servers, please visit or call our support at 763.957.6000

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster: PoE-Enabled

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power over ethernet splitter devicemaster rocketlinx device server

To do this, you will need to use a Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter.

The PoE splitter will take in power and data (IEEE 802.3af standard PoE) via a single RJ45 Ethernet port and split this into standard Ethernet (no power) and reduce power to +24VDC.  By connecting the Ethernet cable from splitter into the RJ45 jack of DeviceMaster, and wiring the splitter’s power cord into three-pin power terminal on the DeviceMaster you will have a fully connected – and PoE enabled!- device server.

power over ethernet rocketlinx devicemaster serial device server gateway

The products you will need to do this are:

poe power over Ethernet DeviceMaster device server PoE power over Ethernet DeviceMaster RocketLinx RocketPort

DeviceMaster RTS 1-Port (99440-4)

Power over Ethernet Splitter (1200054)

2 Ethernet cables

MSRP: $269 MSRP: $149 1 from switch to PoE splitter, 1 from PoE splitter to DeviceMaster

For more information about how to do this configuration or about any of Comtrol’s products, contact [email protected] or 800.926.6876


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