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North American IO-Link Workshop

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North American IO-Link Technology Workshop

The North American IO-Link Workshop will be held on Tuesday, October 13th in Minneapolis from 9am to 5pm.

North American IO-Link

IO-Link Technology Workshop is held by Comtrol Corporation, the IO-Link Competency Center. This workshop will consist of a Vendor Technology Expo area and “classroom” style presentations from IO-Link Consortium members.

Join us to learn about the following IO-Link Themes:
-Comprehensive insight into IO-Link Themes
-Meet with IO-Link Vendor partners
-Real world examples on configuration of sensors and actuators, PLC Integration, and Automatic device replacement.

If you are interested in attending our workshop or interested in learning more please, click here.



DeviceMaster Enables Legacy Devices for Pizza Chain

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DeviceMaster RTS 16-Port RJ45

To accommodate for the legacy serial connections used in a large pizza chain, Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS 16-Port RJ45 connected the device to the cash registers, receipt printers, terminals, ovens, and box label printers. DeviceMasterEthernet was then used to connect it to the company’s specialized Linux server. Both the DeviceMaster and Linux server are interrelated as one sends out a command while the other retrieves the necessary information; without proper connection, communication is not possible between these two devices.
Given that the pizza chain was using a customized Linux server, Comtrol’s industry leading Linux driver support was greatly utilized.  Comtrol’s technical support team worked inconjuction with the staff from the pizza company to ensure communication with the very specialized server.

To further learn about this solution, CLICK here to read the full story.

Update on Comtrol’s IO-Link Resources

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Update on Comtrol’s IO-Link Resources:

As Comtrol has been designated as the North American Competency Center for IO-Link resources, we are in the process of building our online resources.

Update on Comtrol's IO-Link Resources

New: Comtrol’s IO-Link Resources Available

Our IO-Link page is available HERE, and we have added new resources on our IO-Link Products, IO-Link Resources, and IO-Link Solutions

We are continuously updating our online resources, so check back for more updates on IO-Link!

Communication Solutions for Traffic Monitoring

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Communication Solutions for Traffic Monitoring

Every day we rely on traffic control technology to keep our commutes safe.  Communication solutions such as traffic lights, railroad systems and subway systems need reliable connectivity for proper functioning. But how can you ensure reliable connectivity?

Communication Solutions

The Iowa Department of Transportation was recently updating their traffic intersection monitoring systems, and was looking for a way to enable communication between cameras, battery backups, priority preemption systems, traffic controllers and other components that make a traffic light function. Comtrol’s RocketLinx ES8510-XT was put in place to provide reliable communication, while also relaying data back to the traffic management systems.IowaDOT

The RocketLinx ES8510-XT is an industrial Ethernet switch that provides rugged connectivity solutions for industrial Ethernet networks and systems such as  traffic intersection management. Along with having IP31-grade protection for rugged, harsh environments, these switches are designed to provide dependable networking solutions.

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Industry Highlight: Government

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Government and Military

The government is increasingly implementing new projects and military-based operations, especially as advances in technology continue. Several of Comtrol’s products have been beneficial to our government sectors.

Government and Military

Comtrol’s RocketLinx®industrial managed and Power over Ethernet switches have capabilities to provide power and essential networking connectivity to vital components of complex security networks. RocketLinx has supported and improved the training of military soldiers by enabling PoE Ethernet and fiber connections between IP cameras and the monitoring room.

Our DeviceMaster® device servers have facilitated multiple-location data transmission and complex sensor system coordination for military simulator training systems and unmanned vehicle (UMV) control designed for autonomous military operations.

Comtrol’s RocketPort® serial cards provide system expansion and connectivity in applications including military biological detection systems and peripheral device connectivity on board unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Air Force One.

READ MORE about Comtrol devices in similar applications


Improve Diagnostics and Reduce Wiring for Sensors and Actuators with IO-Link

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IO-Link Technology

IO-Link, the first standardized IO technology for communication with sensors and actuators, is a powerful point-to-point communication based on the long established 3-wire sensor and actuator connection. In addition to working smoothly in any control system, IO Link encompasses features that give you better diagnostics and can reduce wiring for your devices.

IO-Link mobile diagnostics

IO Link gateways allow you to connect multiple smart devices via one IP address, saving you time and money in installation time.

With IO-Link, you can reduce the time needed to fix a broken sensor. Say a sensor fails. If you have a large control system, it may take a while for that sensor to be found. Then when it is found, it may be difficult to reach. IO-Link gives you all the information you need to find and fix that sensor, including diagnostics of the process control system, remote programming, and even custom replacements that can be done automatically. Comtrol’s IO-Link Masters provide diagnostics about both sides of a given connection; you will get information about the IO Link connection that is running from the IO-link master to the end device and you will get detailed information about the industrial data protocol.

The ability to do remote parameterization can be combined with the support for remote diagnostics. Troubleshooting and fixing problems with a system can all be done remotely. Additionally, for those processes or systems where a “recipe” architecture is appropriate, IO-Link sensors and actuators can be remotely parameterized by the PLC in bulk via a simple selector switch or other minimal operator action. This powerful feature could be used to maximize quality or increase duty cycle via extended capital versatility without the burden of re-configuring each device one at a time.

IO Link is the further development of the existing, tried-and-tested connection technology for sensors and actuators, which can be easily integrated into a system network with existing and new industrial Ethernet installations. Come and see why you should implement IO Link in your system today.

Download PDF Version HERE

Learn more about IO-Link HERE

DeviceMaster’s Security Features

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DeviceMaster’s Security

Recent data security breaches have put an emphasis on security. Customers of the medical, financial, and government industries have increasing worries that their confidential information may be stolen. Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS, PRO, and Serial Hubs enable secure data communication across connected serial devices.

DeviceMaster’s Security

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster family of products offer the enhanced security features of SSL and SSH encryption. With these additions, DeviceMaster is able to effectively serve an even greater range of roles, reliably enabling serial to Ethernet communications while protecting sensitive data.

For users with demanding security requirements, there are two options that the DeviceMaster can provide. The first involves a free software download from Comtrol’s website called Secure Port Redirector. This software creates COM ports that redirect data between the host application and DeviceMaster using encrypted SSL data streams. For the second option, DeviceMaster can itself be locked down, giving full control over communication ports to administrators only.

Read more HERE

IO-Link Resources

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IO-Link Resources

As Comtrol has been designated as the North American Competency Center for IO-Link, we are in the process of building our online resources.

IO-Link Competence Center

Please check back as more resources will be made available!

Greetings from Comtrol!

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Custom DeviceMaster for Product Organization

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Custom DeviceMaster

Custom DeviceMaster

A large company approached Comtrol with a tricky situation. Because the client’s primary business required the rapid and efficient movement of merchandise, they were continuously sorting thousands of barcode labels every day. The client’s current sorting platforms could not process any barcodes longer than 10-digits, and with such large volumes of barcodes, they needed a way to upgrade their system. This urgent need for a cost efficient and timely solution brought the company to Comtrol Corporation.

Comtrol was able to design and implement a custom solution for this client. Using a DeviceMaster UP, Comtrol created custom message routing, custom diagnostic and configuration pages, and full documentation on the custom product.

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