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Gate Improvement For Parking Automation

With extensive growth of automobile travel in the United States, the efficiency and reliability of parking automation is critical.

It is necessary for customers to experience a streamlined and intuitive process when entering and exiting parking areas. The efforts to create this experience involve multiple components and processes; the gate arm, card reader, ticket printer, sensors, and fee calculator must be able to seamlessly communicate in order for a parking gate to work properly.


Packaging Automation With IO-Link

A CPG (consumer packaged goods) manufacturer produces several varieties of one product, requiring different printed labels during packaging. The packaging is mostly automated due to the heavy machinery that is used and the volume of the product being packaged.


Modbus Master-To-Master Communication

A large oil and natural gas platform in the North Sea was expanding their facility capabilities by adding a massive system module (over 1.5 million lbs) to the existing platform infrastructure. In order for the two systems to communicate seamlessly with one another, the proper communication channels needed to be established.


Voltage Boost Technology For Mobile Surveillance

With the prevalence of crime in America’s cities, it is essential that measures be taken for the safety of those who operate and use law enforcement vehicles or public transportation.

Mobile surveillance companies are helping to take these measures through manufacturing surveillance equipment that can be installed and operated in vehicles. However, a vehicle’s battery does not supply the higher voltage level required to support this surveillance equipment.


Paint Spraying Operation Integrates IO-Link

A furniture manufacturer was in need of a time and money saving solution. This company needed something that could identify the size of sections of furniture on the paint spraying line and thus reduce over-spraying and wasting paint. Leuze’s CML720i light curtains that were IO-Link enabled were chosen to accurately measure piece dimensions. They also needed an IO-Link master block that could handle the power requirements and effectively communicate with the PLC.


Transit Surveillance Powered by PoE

Throughout North America we’ve experienced the expansion of mass transit as a growing form of transportation not only for commuters, but the general public alike. With the growing number of riders utilizing these buses, trains, and light rails each day it is crucial to ensure quality system performance throughout all areas of these platforms. From ticketing machines and route displays to the surveillance of all public areas, it is critical to ensure the continuous operation and security of each platform along the way.

Having previously used Comtrol’s products in their traction power substation, a public transportation company located on the West Coast of the United States looked to Comtrol when they began building an additional line for their light rail. With the addition of this light rail line, the company chose to use Comtrol’s RocketLinx ES7528 to provide connectivity to the various IP cameras, IP phones, ticketing machines, and transit displays located along the platform.



Process Automation Monitoring And Control With IO-Link

A leading oil product manufacturer chose to work with Comtrol on a variety of applications involving IO-Link. For Application 1, the company wanted to create greater visibility with their storage tank pressure and flow rates. Application 2 needed to track presence detection and flow rates to supervise oil feed into a bottling machine. Application 3 focused on label detection on conveyor lines.

Application 1:
The user desired to monitor their pressure and flow rates of oil being supplied to their holding tanks. They installed a Comtrol IO-Link Master DR-8-EIP inside a cabinet that could communicate with the IO-Link sensors. If the rates were too high, the operators would know remotely through their EtherNet/IP PLC. The Comtrol IO-Link Master also gave them greater sensor diagnostic and status information through its extensive web-interface.



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