Save a Trip to Your Traffic Cabinet with the Ping Reset Feature

Ping Reset to reboot any IP device!

Ping Reset will allow you to reset any IP device in your traffic cabinet.
Ping Reset

Common IP Devices:
  • Loop Detectors
  • Radar systems
  • Traffic controllers
  • Any Ethernet switch
  • Dynamic message signs (DMS)
  • IP, PTZ, Analog cameras
  • Battery Back Ups
  • Malfunction Management Unit (MMU)
  • Any IP addressable device



The RocketLinx ES8510-XT is a managed industrial Ethernet switch, equipped with seven 10/100TX ports and three 10/100/100 RJ45/100-FX/Gigabit SX/LX/LHX/ZX/SFP combo ports.  Two Gigabit ports may be used to form a non-stop Redundant Ring while the third Gigabit port enables connection to an upper switch, couple ring, or public server.  The Gigabit combo port design provides flexibility to choose copper or fiber media supporting 100BASE-FX or 1000BASE-X, Multi-Mode or Single-Mode for a wide variety of distance and installation requirements.

For more information, contact Katya Lee at 763.957.6122


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