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Material Handling with IO-Link

Material Handling

Material Handling with IO-LinkA large industrial supplier in the Midwestern U.S. uses small and large plastic totes to transport material throughout their factory. As these totes move along the line, there are designated locations where they are empty and need to be stacked, but often times these totes entered the stacking area with material left inside, which caused the stacker machine to jam. To prevent this from continuing, the industrial supplier turned to a systems integrator and Comtrol’s IO-Link Master.

Due to its simple installation, the system integrator opted to use Comtrol’s IO Link Master DR-8-EIP to control Leuze Electronic IO-Link enabled light curtains and laser distance measuring sensors. With this implementation, the light curtains determine how the totes are stacked while the laser distance measuring devices scan for contents inside the totes.

The IO-Link Master DR-8-EIP offers eight IO-Link ports, two dedicated Digital Input/Digital Output ports, and ten Digital Input ports. With this configuration, the IO-Link Master allows the flexibility to support up to 20 device connections.

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