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DeviceMaster Enables Legacy Devices for Pizza Chain

DeviceMaster RTS 16-Port RJ45

To accommodate for the legacy serial connections used in a large pizza chain, Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS 16-Port RJ45 connected the device to the cash registers, receipt printers, terminals, ovens, and box label printers. DeviceMasterEthernet was then used to connect it to the company’s specialized Linux server. Both the DeviceMaster and Linux server are interrelated as one sends out a command while the other retrieves the necessary information; without proper connection, communication is not possible between these two devices.
Given that the pizza chain was using a customized Linux server, Comtrol’s industry leading Linux driver support was greatly utilized.  Comtrol’s technical support team worked inconjuction with the staff from the pizza company to ensure communication with the very specialized server.

To further learn about this solution, CLICK here to read the full story.


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