Critical Infrastructure Security with Laser Scanners

Laser ScannersLaser Scanners for Critical Infrastructure Security

In order to protect critical infrastructures such as nuclear power plants, transportation stations, and airports, additional layers of security are being implemented with Time-of-Flight laser scanners. What makes these scanners distinct is that they are extremely accurate, highly programmable, and designed to withstand inclement weather. The laser’s invisible infrared (IR) barrier triggers an alarm once the plane has been broken.

Within airports, the LMS 1XX and TiM 3XX are replacing the metal gates used after closing in both restaurants and shops. The laser scanners have been a great new alternative because they are more cost effective, do not require maintenance, and have proven to be extremely reliable for airport security.

Critical Infrastructure SecurityNuclear power plants have also turned to laser scanners because of their filtering capabilities and accuracy. With the multi-echo technology, the scanners are able to accurately detect targets despite weather conditions such as, heavy rain, fog, sleet, and/or snow.

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