SERIES: Power over Ethernet Features – Part IV

MOBILE – What does this mean for your next IP surveillance project?

Putting a surveillance camera on or in a vehicle (car, bus, etc.) for safety, monitoring, or other purposes is becoming much more common. It’s very likely if you are a surveillance integrator that you have worked on a project like this. If not, you have almost certainly heard of it being done in the news lately.

Power over Ethernet

If you are thinking about an application as described above, you should know that Comtrol has Ethernet switches that will allow you to easily network and Power over Ethernet power IP cameras and devices in these mobile applications.  They are our RocketLinx VB (Voltage Boost) Ethernet switches.

RocketLinx ES7106-VBRocketLinx ES7106-VB

RocketLinx ES7110-VBRocketLinx ES7110-VB

RocketLinx ES7206-XT RocketLinx ES7206-XT

RocketLinx ACS7106RocketLinx ACS7106 

There is no need for sourcing a DC to DC converter to do this.  Our switches do the DC to DC conversion internally and provide standard 802.3af PoE power or *802.3at PoE+ power to your cameras or devices while operating on 12-24VDC!

*If you need to use 802.3at PoE+ devices, the RocketLinx ES7206-XT and ACS7106 switches are capable of 12-24VDC.

 For more information about mobile Power over Ethernet applications, please contact Bill Arpin at 763.957.6105 or [email protected].


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