Networking Beyond the Climate Controlled Closet

Climate Controlled Closet

A well designed and neatly organized standard IT rack can be enough to make even the most reserved IT department grin.  In a climate controlled closet free of excessive heat, dust, and moisture, standard networking hardware is left to run its course networking the office one Ethernet connection at a time.Climate Controlled Closet

Comtrol Corporation and our RocketLinx® line of Ethernet switches play on the other side of the wall.  We are outside of the office in a control panel, traffic cabinet, parking garage, on a light pole fixture, or even mounted on a moving vehicle.  Before discussing how the features of an Ethernet switch can impact an installation a user mush ask: “Can the Ethernet switch I select withstand the physical environment in which I need to place it?”

Heat – How hot will it be in the area I mount my product? Comtrol’s standard RocketLinx switches operate between -25°C and +60°C.  Our -XT (extended temperature) switches operate between -40°C and +85°C. The requirements to identify a switch that can withstand the physical environment in which you place it may seem trivial, but can produce a massive headache.  Outside of the networking closet it is important to consider:

Climate Controlled Closet - IP31Mounting – Will the area I place my product have a defined mounting space? Comtrol’s RocketLinx switches offer DIN rail mount, panel mount, wall mount, and rack mount capabilities.

Power – Will the area I need a switch have appropriate power available?  Comtrol’s RocketLinx switches offer variable DC input voltage between 12 and 48VDC (we also offer both power brick and DIN rail power supplies).

Ingress Protection – What other hazards are near the area the switch will go? Comtrol’s RocketLinx switches are IP31-rated, protecting them against solid objects over 2.5mm and against falling drops of water.
Next time you scratch your head to reach a device on the edge of your network, think Comtrol. Networking beyond the climate-controlled networking closet.
For more information or questions, please contact Joe House at 763.957.6127 or [email protected]


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