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Worldwide Release: RocketLinx ACS7106


Comtrol's RocketLinx ACS7106

RocketLinx ACS7106

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – July 23, 2013

Comtrol Corporation today announced the release of the RocketLinx™ ACS7106, the first UL 294/294B listed Power over Ethernet switch designed for the access control market.  The UL294B listing states compliance with the strict UL safety standards for access control equipment being increasingly mandated by state and local governments.  The new RocketLinx ACS7106 offers access control integrators and systems builders the full benefits of PoE Plus for connecting card readers, electric strikes/locks, keypads and camera equipment.  The RocketLinx ACS7106 is easily installed in outdoor or indoor industrial settings (extended operating temperature from -40° to 55°C) and is ideally suited for access control integration with four 10/100BASE-TX Gigabit uplink ports, assuring maximum throughput for high-bandwidth applications.  Easy plug-and-play installation eliminates costs and cabling complexity typical with rack mounted or individual PoE midspans.

With voltage boost technology that allows direct 12-24VDC input power for easy integration with alarm, security and access control power systems, the ACS7106 also features a compact, rugged aluminum housing and small form factor for panel and cabinet deployment, 100W PoE total power budget for driving high power devices, and a relay alarm supporting 24VDC at 1A for notification of Ethernet link and PoE power events.  PoE Plus (802.3at support) ensures the most power-intensive devices such as IP cameras with heaters and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) controls are supported.

“The RocketLinx ACS7106 simplifies the installation of access control equipment by offering a connectivity solution combining the most stringent UL safety standards with the latest PoE Plus switch technology,” says David Boldt, Direct of Product Management at Comtrol, “The switch not only reduces cabling while addressing space and power issues common to PoE access control systems, but also facilitates integration of both low- and high-power PoE devices.  There is no need for separate power injectors wired to complex rack mount equipment to deliver reliable power and data connections.”



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