ISDU Handling with Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4

Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4 – ISDU Handling

IO-Link Master EIP-4In case you missed it, we recently published a post explaining IO-Link technology along with an overview of our IO-Link Master EIP-4 product.  As more people learn about the benefits of IO-Link, the more questions we get about our master’s features. Here are some of the features explained below.

One of the features explained is how Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4 eliminates complex and lengthy PLC programming for process data and ISDU handling (sometimes known as SPDU).

The Comtrol IO-Link Master provides a flexible and simplified ISDU interface with the following features:

  • Multiple or single ISDU command message support
  • Blocking and non-blocking messaging methods
  • Flexible PLC ISDU message formatting – each message can contain a single command, multiple commands with the same data area size, or multiple commands with varying data area sizes

IO-Link Master EIP-4

For more detailed information on ISDU handling or Comtrol’s IO-Link Master EIP-4, please contact [email protected] or 800.926.6876

Download ISDU Handling information sheet


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