Seven Things to Know about Comtrol’s Managed RocketLinx® PoE Switches

Comtrol’s Managed RocketLinx® PoE Switches

PoE SwitchesIn today’s increasingly connected world it seems that a systems integrator could dangle a Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable out of a cabinet and have dozens of Ethernet switches readily available for immediate connection.  Each of these switches, while undoubtedly similar, have many differences… differences that may make or break a system.  Given the requirement for a managed Ethernet switch, these small differences can easily get out of hand – requiring a professionally trained eye for each and every line of a product’s specification sheet.  Managed Ethernet switches are complicated pieces of equipment, and using them to their full functionality is no small feat.

The selection process of the most appropriate Ethernet switches begins with the analysis of seven simple questions:


  1. How many ports do I need? Number, connection type, and bandwidth of ports
  2. How much PoE power do my devices demand? PoE specification and switch power budget
  3. How can I power the switch? Type of power input the switch requires
  4. How big is this switch? Size


  1. What will the switch tell me about the devices it is powering? Web-based PoE management
  2. What will the switch tell me about the network it is part of? Layer 2+ Web-based and Command Line Interface (CLI) management
  3. What will the switch tell me by just looking at it? Alarm and Link relay LED lights

Here at Comtrol we can talk technical and explain every specification along the way to select an Ethernet switch, or we can distill the information down into a simple number of high-level facts that will point users in the direction of the appropriate switch to use.  To get started, take a minute and review Comtrol’s managed PoE switches – perhaps the 7 questions we answer on a single datasheet will tell you that Comtrol’s RocketLinx managed PoE switches have what it takes to make the PoE connections in your next network.

RocketLinx PoE Switches

RocketLinx ES7506 – View Product Page
RocketLinx ES7510 – View Product Page
RocketLinx ES7510-XT – View Product Page
RocketLinx ES7528 – View Product Page

Should you have questions beyond these simple explanations, please give us a call at 763.957.6000 or email us at [email protected].  We are happy to discuss even the most complicated features with you across the entire RocketLinx product line!

– Joe House


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