Worldwide Release: PortVision® DX Advanced Management Software

PortVision DX

PortVision DX

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – May 22, 2013

Comtrol Corporation, today announced the release of PortVision DX management software for its RocketLinx and DeviceMaster lines of industrial communications products.  The new software, building on the success of PortVision Plus, includes a number of feature enhancements an the addition of full support for the RocketLinx industrial Ethernet switch product line. 

Released with support for all current Microsoft operating systems including Windows 8, PortVision® DX enables one to remotely discover, configure, monitor, and manage Comtrol’s RocketLinx and DeviceMaster products from a single application.  A detailed GUI interface, customizable notes, interactive help, basic and advanced network settings, and easy user guide access are all features which enable administrators using PortVision DX to simplify installation and management of a single switch or a large network deployment.

“The release of PortVision DX to facilitate installation, management, and monitoring of DeviceMaster and RocketLinx products from within a single application is just the latest element to distinguish Comtrol’s serial and networking communication products,” states David Boldt, Comtrol Director of Product Management, “With PortVision DX, Comtrol has eliminated the complicated patchwork of separate drivers  web interfaces, and proprietary software typically needed to deploy a network of industrial communications devices.”

PortVision® DX management software is a free download for all new and existing users of Comtrol RocketLinx and DeviceMaster products.  For more information and a download link, please visit



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