Five Things to Know About Comtrol’s Unmanaged RocketLinx® PoE Switches

Comtrol’s Unmanaged PoE Switches

PoE SwitchesGiven the complexity of the markets, products, and expanding levels of technology at Comtrol, we believe firmly in the words of Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  This mentality, taken from one of the smartest men to live has led Comtrol to create a new type of data sheet: one that distills the complexity of a RocketLinx Power over Ethernet switch down to five key features.

As a device connectivity company, Comtrol’s products are always used as a part of a bigger system that is almost certain to be a combination of many different components – from devices and servers to routers and power.  Coordinating the connections between all of these components is no small feat.  However, in terms of unmanaged PoE switches, coordinating often comes down to five questions.  The answers to these questions are found instantly on Comtrol’s quick view data sheets:

  1. How many ports do I need? Number and classification of ports
  2. How much PoE power do my devices demand? PoE specification and switch power budget
  3. How can I power the switch? Type of power input the switch requires
  4. What will the switch tell me? Alarm and indication capabilities of the product
  5. How big is this switch? Size

Take some time and check out the below series of data sheets.  Retain this information and get ready for the next article – Seven Things to Know About Comtrol’s Managed PoE Switches.

RocketLinx ES7105 – (Product Page)
RocketLinx ES7106-VB – (Product Page)
RocketLinx ES7110 – (Product Page)
RocketLinx ES7110-VB – (Product Page)

Should you have questions beyond these simple explanations, please give us a call at 763.957.6000 or email us at [email protected].  We are happy to discuss even the most complicated features with you across the entire RocketLinx product line!

– Joe House


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