SERIES: Linux Support at Comtrol – Part IV

UPDATE: Linux Support at Comtrol – Part II: Six Months Later

Linux Support

– Nick Thompson

It’s been six months since our first Linux post here at Comtrol, and I thought I’d give an update as to what’s been going on with Linux support here at Comtrol.

Kernel (not Distribution) Specific Support Continues:

Our support for the kernel, and not specific distributions, continues.  We believe this allows us to offer the best and most wide-ranging Linux support possible.  We have been able to support many customers with very niche distributions, and even a few who built their own distributions using LFS (Linux From Scratch) using this approach.  We have been able to support incredibly non standard distributions for companies and other organizations that we would not have been able to with a distribution specific approach. We will continue to operate this way, supporting as wide of a range of Linux as possible.

Wide range of legacy kernels supported:

Comtrol continues to offer legacy support for the 2.4 and early 2.6 kernels (including important releases like 2.6.9, which is the basis of RHEL 4.x and CentOS 4.x) as many of our customers have standardized on a distribution or kernel release and do not wish to upgrade.  We are ready to support legacy Linux kernels to keep you and your company operating with whatever distribution and kernel setup you have.

Day of Release Kernel Support Continues:

We continue to support the Vanilla Linux kernel on its day of release, and almost always prior with -rcX (release candidate) releases.  As of now, drivers for our RocketPort® ISA/PCI/uPCI cards are still at the current release candidate 3.9.0-rc7 (release candidate 7) for functionality.  The same can be said for our RocketPort INFINITY and RocketPort EXPRESS product lines, and for our DeviceMaster product line.  The RocketPort Jet and RocketPort 4 and 8 port USB serial hubs are also supported with the latest release candidates.

Comtrol RocketPort INFINITY/EXPRESS product lines get native driver in Vanilla Linux kernel:

The 3.9 Vanilla kernel will be the first with native support for the RocketPort INFINITY/EXPRESS product line.  Currently, the 3.9 kernel is still in development, and is at 3.9.0-rc7.  It should be out in about a week before we’ll see a release of this new Vanilla kernel.  Support was implemented by Kevin Cernekee, via the Linux kernel mailing list.  This driver will load RocketPort INFINITY/EXPRESS as well as RocketPort PCI cards.

Linux Support at ComtrolThat guy in the penguin suit continues to answer your questions

Here at Comtrol, you can rest assured knowing that I will always be happy to jump on the phone an do whatever needs to be done to get your Linux system operational with our products. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding Linux support, please contact Nick Thompson with Technical Support at [email protected] or 763.957.6138.


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