Product Spotlight: DeviceMaster® UP

The DeviceMaster UP industrial Ethernet gateways are designed to provide EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, and PROFINET PLC connectivity to a wide variety of devices.

Advanced features include:

DeviceMaster UP industrial Ethernet gateways

  • Protocol Flexibility – EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, PROFINET IO
  • DualConnectPlus™ Technology – connect raw/ASCII devices (serial and/or Ethernet) to PLCs and/or applications simultaneously.  String, RFID, and barcode data filtering eliminates redundant data while extracting the RFID and barcode parameters
  • Web-based Configuration – makes configuration changes quick and easy
  • Diagnostic Capabilities – informative message logs, communication, and status pages
  • Unique protocol-specific features – Peer-to-Peer Modbus/TCP, Write-to-Tag EtherNet/IP, etc.
  • Temperature rated for extreme conditions 
  • Rugged Housing – with panel, rack and DIN rail mounting options
  • PortVision™ Plus – remote monitoring and management software to automatically locate DeviceMaster UPs on the network, enable user to view status, update firmware and resolve issues remotely
  • …and more!

Modbus SolutionsModbus

Comtrol has developed three unique Modbus firmware applications designed to provide flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

Modbus/TCP Firmware Connect your PLC, SCADA system or HMI to a raw/ASCII or serial device – supports both master and slave devices and featuring PortVision Plus remote management software

Modbus Router Firmware The Modbus application that allows a wide range of connectivity options between serial Modbus masters to Modbus/TCP networks, allowing multiple types of masters to communicate with multiple slaves

Modbus Server Firmware –  Ideal for diagnostics and system maintenance – provides connectivity between Modbus/RTU over Ethernet TCP/IP serial devices up to six applications per serial port

Comtrol’s Modbus solutions support:

  • Controller (local or remote) communication through Modbus/TCP, Modbus serial, Ethernet TCP/IP or COM ports
  • Master or Slave (slave can be Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII serial)
  • Raw/ASCII devices connected via serial or Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Simple connectivity or large scale Modbus networks

DeviceMaster UP 2-Port 2E – Modbus/TCP firmware

Master-to-Master Modbus Communication

DeviceMaster UP 2-Port 2E

DeviceMaster UP Modbus Communication

A structure addition to a large oil and natural gas platform needed to establish communication with the original control system – but the Modbus device configurations on each structure were both designed to communicate as masters. Traditional Modbus communication takes place between a master and a slave. Comtrol developed an innovative solution to allow master-to-master communication using the DeviceMaster UP industrial Ethernet gateway… READ MORE >>


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