SERIES: Power over Ethernet Features – Part III

Rebooting non-PoE devices using Comtrol’s RocketLinx® switches

Have you ever wanted the ability to cycle the power to an IP camera (or any other device) remotely but couldn’t? … Either because it is not a PoE powered device in the first place, or because it is a PoE++ camera that consumes 60+ watts of power and has its own custom power injector?

If that is the case, you may find this little trick of great interest for your next camera deployment where you may need to hang one of those monster PoE++ cameras on a pole in a remote location, or work on a city-wide surveillance project – and getting someone up on a ladder to manually cycle the power is no small feat.

Here is how the trick works. 

First, select any of Comtrol’s managed RocketLinx Ethernet switches.  All of them have a relay that can be controlled via the online web interface.  The relays on our switches are normally open and rated for a max of 24VDC @1amp so you will also need an industrial-grade relay in this setup as well.

In this example, we are using this Potter & Brumfield relay with our switch that will accept a 24VDC coil voltage and will allow up to 10A 240VAC to be pumped through the contact.  A relay socket can be plugged into the relay which makes it easier to make the connections.

Here is the general diagram for making the necessary connections.


Once everything is wired, log into the web interface of the switch, open the warning folder and select the fault relay file.  It will open to this screen.

Fault Relay Screenshot

On the Fault Relay Setting screen, select “Relay 1,” choose “Dry Output,” and enter a time for both the On period and the Off period.  (You can try this prior to wiring the whole system and you will just hear the small relay on the switch opening and closing at the intervals you selected in seconds.)

When wired to the relay that is connected to the power supply of your camera, you can set the On time to 1 second and the Off time to 0 seconds. Click “Apply.”  This will keep the relay closed (until you uncheck the relay box again) on the switch which ultimately shuts the power off to your camera.

Fault Relay Setting

You can also make sure that the relay is being activated by going to the Device Front Panel display to see the alarm light come on.  Note: This is just a snapshot of the switch at one point in time.  Even though the switch is no longer in “alarm” mode, you will have to double-click on the Device Front Panel icon again to refresh the image.

Device Front Panel

With the relay on the switch closed for how ever long you think it needs to be in order to power down your camera, just go back to the Fault Relay menu and uncheck the relay box, and then click “Apply.”  The relay on the switch will open, the relay connected to the camera power will return to its normally closed condition, and your camera will power back up.

Fault Relay Setting

You can check the Device Front Panel screen again and this time you should see the alarm light is off.

Device Front Panel - RocketLinx

* Before beginning your next camera deployment, please ensure that the correct professionals are on site to assist in any high-risk or high-voltage installation. 

We just illustrated how to use one of our managed RocketLinx switches to remotely reboot a non-PoE powered device. For more information about Comtrol’s RocketLinx switches, click here, or email [email protected] 


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