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A Technical Support FAQ: Problem uploading firmware to DeviceMaster®


Why can’t I upload firmware to my DeviceMaster?


The most common reason for firmware updates to fail is due to a timer that needs to be reconfigured called the “Bootloader Timeout.” This timer can only be configured when an IP address has been configured in the DeviceMaster and IP communications are active (such as being able to ping the DeviceMaster or open the web page in the DeviceMaster) There are a few different methods to modify this timer.

DeviceMaster PortVision Plus

Use PortVision Plus:

This method is dependent on the version of SocketServer or NS-Link installed in the DeviceMaster.

  • Double-click on the DeviceMaster in PortVision Plus. This opens the “Configure Device” page.
  • At the bottom of this page will be displayed the “Bootloader Timeout:” value.  If the option is not present, one of two conditions exist.
        1. The firmware is too old in which case use the Telnet method following
        2. PortVision Plus is not able to communicate to the DeviceMaster via TCP/IP
  • Change the value to 45 and click on the “Apply Changes” button and then the “Close” button.  Now try to upload the firmware.  If it is successful, then set the Bootloader Timeout back to the original value.

Use Telnet:

  • Telnet into the DeviceMaster.  (You may use PortVision Plus to do this.  Right-click the DeviceMaster and select Telnet Session from the pop-up menu.  Leave the port number at 23.)
  • At the DeviceMaster prompt, enter “timeout” (without quotes) and press Enter
  • It will respond with the current setting
  • At the DeviceMaster prompt, enter “timeout 45” (without quotes) and press Enter
  • This will set the timeout to 45 seconds
  • Close the Telnet session and try the upload.
  • If it is successful and the webpage or PortVision Plus shows the new revision number, then Telnet into the DeviceMaster
  • At the DeviceMaster prompt, enter “timeout 15” (without quotes) and press Enter
  • Close the Telnet session.

If this process does not work, then there may be some other issue on the network preventing the uploading of the firmware.  In this case, I would attach the DeviceMaster directly to the PC that is doing the update.  Connect an Ethernet cable directly from the Ethernet port on the PC to the Ethernet port on the DeviceMaster.  Do not use any switches or hubs between the two.  Make sure the timeout is set to at lease 15 seconds (45 is always a safe value to use) and re-attempt it.  If this still fails, then you may need an RMA in order to send the DeviceMaster to Comtrol for service.



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