SERIES: Linux Support at Comtrol – Part I

We pride ourselves on supporting Linux with our products, and supporting it well here at Comtrol. Below, I will detail how things work out so well for us and our customers using Linux, and how we accomplish this.

– Nick Thompson

Kernel vs. Distro Support

We support the Linux *kernel,* and therefore all distributions, by providing a tarball (the source) to be compiled on any distribution you like.  We don’t just provide a ‘proprietary’ format like .rpm/.deb etc., which are meant for specific distributions.  This allows our hardware and drivers to be used on any Linux distribution out there.  This is a huge advantage to our customers.  Also, we support the *kernel,* not specific distributions, meaning support will be given for any distribution, not just the bigger, better known distributions.  This can and has come in handy for some niche distributions specific customers require for their operation.

Wide Range of Kernels Supported

We support a wide range of kernels with our Linux drivers here at Comtrol.  We have legacy 2.4.x support, and of course, support the 2.6.x kernel along with the newest bleeding edge 3.x.x Vanilla kernel and release candidates. Whether you’re running an old Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x with a 2.6.9 kernel, or the latest Gentoo with the 3.6.x Vanilla kernel release candidate, we can and will support you.

Day of Release Kernel Support

Comtrol provides driver functionality on the day of Vanilla kernel release, and most often -rcX (release candidate) functionality prior to Vanilla release.  This is helpful in early customer testing of systems with bleeding edge kernel requirements, and simply for testing of systems prior to final kernel release.  This is a big advantage in our niche market for customers, as we stick to it and have, for years now, had functionality on Day One of Vanilla kernel release (and most often beforehand with -rcX functionality). We get this functionality by painstakingly testing our drivers with every release candidate kernels (for example: 3.6.0-rc7) that is released, to identify problems early so they can be fixed before Vanilla release.  I am the gentleman who does the testing and verification of operation of the drivers each -rcX kernel/Vanilla kernels release and I am very pleased to be able to offer our customers such support.  We will continue to operate this way so as to provide the best Linux support we can to our customers.

Linux support series kernel information That Guy in the Penguin Suit

Here at Comtrol, you can rest assured knowing that I (to the left in the penguin suit) will always be happy to jump on the phone and do whatever needs to be done to get your Linux system operational with our products.

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding Linux support, please contact Nick Thompson with Technical Support at [email protected] or (763) 957.6138.


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