We’ve streamlined Property Management Systems & Peripheral Service Systems communication

Thousands of hotel properties are using RocketPort® and DeviceMaster® products to assist in the integration of their Property Management Systems and multiple peripheral service systems.

Hotel companies and property management software providers across the world have used Comtrol’s products to connect Property Management Systems (PMS) with multiple peripheral service systems on each property.  These systems include phone systems, keyless locks, room energy management, television services, on-site POS systems and others.  Although each company has applied our various RocketPort and DeviceMaster products to their applications in slightly different configurations, they have all found Comtrol’s products to be the most reliable and effective solution in providing serial communication between their PMS and the multiple peripheral systems.

DeviceMaster RTS RocketPort Property Management Systems

Comtrol’s RocketPort, DeviceMaster, and RocketPort USB Serial Hub products have been integrated by these hotel companies when installing their corporate and franchise properties’ comprehensive property management software and equipment.  More than 15,000 RocketPort and DeviceMaster products have been installed in hotels worldwide, including within properties of many of the most-recognized names in the hospitality industry.

Comtrol’s product offerings give hotels and PMS providers:

  • Reliable diverse connections for peripherals via Ethernet, serial and USB connections
  • Multiple serial communication connections to the PMS server
  • Additional configuration flexibility when the peripheral system is not in the immediate location of the PMS server

Comtrol’s Products enable these hotels and PMS providers to implement connections between the multiple peripheral systems and the PMS to fit their business and technical needs most effectively.  Ultimately, this allows them to provide a reliable property management solution to their hotel operators.

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