Expect More from an Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

Comtrol provides alarm conditions with dry contact relays! 

– Joe House

Comtrol’s RocketLinx® line of unmanaged, industrial Ethernet switches are bringing new features to unmanaged switch users.  A typical unmanaged Ethernet switch is expected to do one thing – provide Ethernet connections – which is a job most any switch can do.  As the number of Ethernet devices is growing daily and expectations of the networked device continuing to rise, we believe the unmanaged switch should do more.

Dry Contact Alarm Relay

Whether in an industrial control panel connecting Ethernet based sensors or PLCs, or in a surveillance application connecting IP cameras, the truth has become simple… expect no failure, and demand a quick fix.  Each time an Ethernet device is offline, the resource is wasted.  A camera is only as useful as the ability to connect its image to the user – an electrical connection that requires, at the bare minimum, power and physical connections to the transmit.  If power in the switch is lost, the image won’t make it past the camera.  If an Ethernet connection is lost from either end or even cut in the middle, the image will quickly disappear.

Dry Contact - Port Alarm Relay - Ethernet Switch

How can you quickly, easily and economically protect against the above problems? An interesting application of the age-old concept: Dry contacts.  Every unmanaged Comtrol RocketLinx switch has the user-configurable capability to set a dry contact alarm via DIP switch selection.

Is it really that simple? Yes, by toggling a port’s associated DIP switch to the “ON” position, you have created an alarm condition specific to that port.  Pull an Ethernet cord from either device – circuit closes. Cut the Ethernet cord in the center – circuit closes.  Main power supply failure – circuit closes.

What can you do once the circuit is complete? The RocketLinx dry contact alarm circuit is rated up to +24VDC at 1Amp, so you can power any physical device such as a bell or light stack to indicate the exact port of failure, or even wire in the output into an alarm panel where your options really open up.  Dry contacts are simple; so is this system.

How much does this feature cost? These contacts are included on every unmanaged RocketLinx Ethernet switch. Ask your Comtrol sales rep to try one today!

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