Comtrol’s DeviceMaster: PoE-Enabled

power over ethernet splitter devicemaster rocketlinx device server

To do this, you will need to use a Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter.

The PoE splitter will take in power and data (IEEE 802.3af standard PoE) via a single RJ45 Ethernet port and split this into standard Ethernet (no power) and reduce power to +24VDC.  By connecting the Ethernet cable from splitter into the RJ45 jack of DeviceMaster, and wiring the splitter’s power cord into three-pin power terminal on the DeviceMaster you will have a fully connected – and PoE enabled!- device server.

power over ethernet rocketlinx devicemaster serial device server gateway

The products you will need to do this are:

poe power over Ethernet DeviceMaster device server PoE power over Ethernet DeviceMaster RocketLinx RocketPort

DeviceMaster RTS 1-Port (99440-4)

Power over Ethernet Splitter (1200054)

2 Ethernet cables

MSRP: $269 MSRP: $149 1 from switch to PoE splitter, 1 from PoE splitter to DeviceMaster

For more information about how to do this configuration or about any of Comtrol’s products, contact [email protected] or 800.926.6876


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