What are you missing in your Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution?

Power over Ethernet solution – Comtrol’s RocketLinx® PoE switch products provide reliability with more features – 

RocketLinx Power over Ethernet Switch lineAs deployment of Power over Ethernet devices increases, so do the features and functionality options that we have to offer with our RocketLinx PoE product line. With rugged, drip-proof housings, redundant power inputs, alarm relay, and advanced PD (Powered Device) management and control capabilities, our Power over Ethernet switches provide networking functionality well beyond typical IT-grade PoE solutions. 

The unique features integrated into our PoE industrial switches provide you with the capabilities and options that you need for successful integration of your PoE solution:

12/24VDC Voltage Boost
Comtrol’s voltage boost switch technology enables these switch models to be powered from 12/24 VDC sources, internally boosting the output voltage to 48 VDC to power PoE devices. This eliminates the need and expense of a separate power supply and allows direct integration with remote and vehicle power systems.

Forced power mode
RocketLinx PoE switches provide advanced forced powering control, bringing power to non-standard and older PoE devices that cannot be detected as valid PDs.

PoE port scheduling
Comtrol’s PoE port scheduling feature provides an hourly/weekly scheduling mechanism for advanced power control.  Each PoE port can be configured to be ON or OFF on an hourly basis to conserve energy and guarantee power only when needed.

Smart power device link connect
Monitor the status of PDs connected to RocketLinx PoE switches through RocketLinx PD management technology.  When a PD fails to respond, the PoE port can cycle power, thereby resetting the PD and restoring functionality.

Power budget limitation with priority control
When conditions demand power exceeding the power budget threshold, the RocketLinx PoE switches provide budget and priority control ensuring that the total power consumption will not exceed the power limit defined by the user. It also allows the user to protect the high-priority PDs by limiting the output power, prioritizing port shut down, and maintaining power to the highest priority devices.

*The RocketLinx ES7506 and ES7528 have numbered port-based priority control, while the ES7510-XT and ES7528 feature two-level port-based priority control

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