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Power Supply for Harsh Environments

Comtrol has released a new power supply that was designed with a wide operating temperature range for extreme and outdoor applications.  With its compact DIN rail design, 100-240V input range and adjustable output range, this power supply works perfectly with Comtrol’s device servers such as the DeviceMaster® RTS and industrial Ethernet switches such as the RocketLinx® ES8510-XT.  Together, these products power and control applications such as access control, industrial automation, and security and traffic monitoring.  It is also compliant with the NEMA TS2 traffic standard for transportation applications.

PULS Power Supply ComtrolWith no load power consumption less than 0.75W, supporting inrush current limitation and heightened immunity against electrical disturbances, this power supply provides up to 90.4% efficiency and operates in an extended temperature range to reliably function in even the most demanding environments.

For more information on how this power supply works with supported devices or for ordering information or any other questions regarding this product, please contact one on our team members at [email protected].


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