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A Technical Support FAQ: Updating Your DeviceMaster®’s Firmware


I recently uploaded the latest firmware on my DeviceMaster. Now, after the upgrade, it shows SocketServer 8.0 where it would normally give the NSLink version within PortVision Plus. Is this correct?

PortVision Plus DeviceMaster device serversAnswer:                                                             Yes, this is correct. SocketServer and NS-Link have been incorporated into a single bin (binary) file which may either display the name nslink-8.00.bin or socketserver-8.00.bin, depending on the location it was downloaded from. By default, once loaded, the file will show SocketServer in both the web page and PortVision Plus until a driver begins communication with this particular DeviceMaster. Once a driver establishes communications, the firmware will now ‘magically’ indicate that it is NS-Link without the driver having to upload that firmware to the DeviceMaster, or the DeviceMaster being rebooted as in the past. If SocketServer does not change to NS-Link, then a driver loaded in the PC is NOT in communication with the DeviceMaster.

This new firmware also has other capabilities that that when used together provide much more information for diagnostic purposes.

For example —  If SocketServer is displayed in PortVision Plus, there is no driver yet communicating with this DeviceMaster indicating one of three things:  that the driver has not yet been configured for this DeviceMaster or has possibly been disabled or is being blocked by some network configuration such as a firewall.

Once NS-Link is displayed, the web pages may be opened and the home page will display the MAC or IP address of all of the PC’s sharing this DeviceMaster unit that the driver is installed in. The serial ports that are open from that particular PC will also be displayed as being open on the identified PC.



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