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RocketPort Allows for Versatility in Toll Booths

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A tolling company in New Jersey was looking for a new way to connect peripheral devices in their toll booths to the main computer at each booth. They needed a serial port card with faster speeds and a large variety of ports available so that each peripheral device could be connected.

After evaluating several different port cards, the tolling company found th
at Comtrol’s RocketPort met all of their needs and specifications. RocketPort connected the receipt printers, coin machines, slot card readers, and fare displays, allowing each connection to exchange information with the main computer. It gave the tolling company versatility by offering numerous serial port options, and flexibility to meet the unique needs of various toll stations.

With the industry’s highest throughput across 4 to 128 ports, the RocketPort family of multiport serial cards is unsurpassed in performance. RocketPort offers unmatched data integrity as it maximizes host computer efficiency and minimizes data loss by offering large FIFOs. Delivering up to 921 Kbps transmit-and-receive throughput across all ports simultaneously, high volumes of traffic can flow seamlessly through the toll station.

Comtrol’s RocketPort family of serial cards make multiport connectivity more powerful, more reliable, easier-to-use, and more cost-effective than any other controller available on the market today.



Product Spotlight: RocketPort SMPTE

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RocketPort SMPTE Products

Designed specifically for the broadcast industry

The RocketPort SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) products are in compliance with the SMPTE 207M standard, meeting broadcast-specific needs. Comtrol offers multiple SMPTE cards, cables, and interfaces to maximize compatibility and efficiency throughout a system.

The RocketPort EXPRESS SMPTE card delivers eight ports of additional in-server serial connectivity via an external interface included with the product. The card is compatible with systems that have x1, x2, x4, x8, x12 or x16 PCI EXPRESS expansion slots.  The card is designed for standard and low-profile PCs and servers.  The product provides support for RS-422 serial communications and data transmission speeds up to 921Kbps.

The RocketPort uPCI SMPTE serial port expansion cards provide serial ports utilizing a single 32- or 64-bit PCI card slot and are compatible with all current 3.3 and 5.0 volt PCI bus architectures.  The DB9 serial ports meet the SMPTE 207M standard and support RS-422 serial communications at speeds up to 921 Kbps. The RocketPort uPCI 8-Port SMPTE card provides eight ports of in-server serial connectivity.

Broadcast Applications

  • Production equipment connectivity
  • Video routers/servers
  • Tape decks
  • Keyboards
  • Mixing consoles
  • Data transfer/transmission
  • Digital signal control
  • Control and accessory equipment connectivity


  • uPCI: 2-Port expansion utilizing a 32- or 64- bit PCI card slot
  • EXPRESS: PCI Express x1, x2, x4, x8, x12, and x16 lane connectivity
  • DB9 connectors
  • Complies with SMPTE 207M standards
  • RS-422 software compliant
  • Various cards, interfaces and cabling options available
  • 3.3 and 5.0 volt PCI bus structures
  • RoHS2 compliant

For more information, please contact or visit the RocketPort SMPTE webpage.

Customer Solution: Military Simulator Training System

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The world’s largest virtual training system, Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) developed through Lockheed Martin under contract with the British government, connects up to 400 war fighters, enabling them to train together in an immersive computer-generated environment.

Soldiers at each training center enter a vast network of linked simulators and emerge onto a virtual battlefield where they can train together in real-time.  The realistic, geo-specific environments support training for ground, air, logistics and other components of the modern-day battlefield.

Currently, there are two training sites in operation for the British Arms: Warminster, England and Sennelager, Germany.  Both sites have the capability to be linked through a wide area network for larger training exercises, making CATT the largest networked virtual training system in the world.


Customer Solution: Eyewear Lens Grinding & Polishing Equipment Control

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Several different software providers and equipment manufacturers in the eyewear production industry have recommended and integrated Comtrol’s products in conjunction with theirs to control lens grinding and polishing equipment.

Although each company has applied the various products to their applications in a slightly different fashion, they have all found Comtrol’s products to be the most reliable solution in providing serial communication between computers and eyewear equipment.

Comtrol’s RocketPort®, DeviceMaster®, and USB Serial Hub products have been integrated and recommended by these companies when presenting their comprehensive management software and equipment to practices and groups.

Starting at the optometrist’s office computer, the RocketPort card has been integrated into a software program allowing them to manage their customer information and internal connections to the lens equipment. In the back production room, you will find that Comtrol’s DeviceMaster and USB Serial Hub have been integrated as part of the control system to the eyewear equipment.  These products provide an Ethernet connection for communication to the lens grinding and polishing equipment.  This connection between the office computer and eyewear equipment allows optometrists to perfectly fit prescription lenses into eye glass frames.

Comtrol’s diverse product offerings allow them to communicate between the PC and peripheral components in a way that suits their specific lens manufacturing needs, and provides their customers with a reliable solution.

CLICK HERE to download PDF version

We’ve streamlined Property Management Systems & Peripheral Service Systems communication

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Thousands of hotel properties are using RocketPort® and DeviceMaster® products to assist in the integration of their Property Management Systems and multiple peripheral service systems.

Hotel companies and property management software providers across the world have used Comtrol’s products to connect Property Management Systems (PMS) with multiple peripheral service systems on each property.  These systems include phone systems, keyless locks, room energy management, television services, on-site POS systems and others.  Although each company has applied our various RocketPort and DeviceMaster products to their applications in slightly different configurations, they have all found Comtrol’s products to be the most reliable and effective solution in providing serial communication between their PMS and the multiple peripheral systems.

DeviceMaster RTS RocketPort Property Management System, Peripheral Service system

Comtrol’s RocketPort, DeviceMaster, and RocketPort USB Serial Hub products have been integrated by these hotel companies when installing their corporate and franchise properties’ comprehensive property management software and equipment.  More than 15,000 RocketPort and DeviceMaster products have been installed in hotels worldwide, including within properties of many of the most-recognized names in the hospitality industry.

Comtrol’s product offerings give hotels and PMS providers:

  • Reliable diverse connections for peripherals via Ethernet, serial and USB connections
  • Multiple serial communication connections to the PMS server
  • Additional configuration flexibility when the peripheral system is not in the immediate location of the PMS server

Comtrol’s Products enable these hotels and PMS providers to implement connections between the multiple peripheral systems and the PMS to fit their business and technical needs most effectively.  Ultimately, this allows them to provide a reliable property management solution to their hotel operators.

Download PDF of story here >>

Networking Communications for Gaming Industry

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As the gaming and casino industries continue to evolve, creating advanced games and capabilities, the technology needed to support new networks evolves simultaneously.

Whether a facility hosts a single or multi-server, serial or Ethernet-supported network, Comtrol’s RocketLinx®, RocketPort® and DeviceMaster® products provide a variety of connectivity solutions for casino networking communications.

RocketPort RocketLinx DeviceMaster Casino Entertainment Communication

Both scenarios above depict potential options for a gaming facility to maintain their network system as games and other machines get replaced by newer models with different connectivity options. Comtrol’s products provide low-latency and efficient connectivity solutions for gaming networks of all types. Read more >>


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