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Distribution Center Enabled Via Modbus Communication

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With the continued growth of online shopping, one large online retailer was interested in improving their operations within their distribution centers. This online retailer turned to Comtrol when they learned of the DeviceMaster UP’s ability to support Master-to-Master communication. Traditionally, Modbus communication takes place between a master and a slave; the master gives out the command, and the slave answers back with the necessary information: weight, size, temperature, etc. Although many industry experts believed Master-to-Master communication wasn’t possible, Comtrol has discovered a way!

Through the purchase of Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP 2-Port 1E Modbus, the DeviceMasters support multiple functions within the distribution center, including a scanning, labeling, and printing process. Orders are weighed before they receive their appropriate shipping label, and to ensure accuracy, the DeviceMasters communicate with one another sending information regarding the size, weight, contents, etc. to ensure the package is receiving the correct shipping label.

Impressed with the improvements in their distribution center, the large integration project was given the go ahead and is now being implemented in additional warehouses in Europe, North America, and Canada.

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DeviceMaster Enables Legacy Devices for Pizza Chain

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DM legacy pizza chainTo accommodate for the legacy serial connections used in a large pizza chain, Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS 16-Port RJ45 connected the DeviceMaster to the cash registers, receipt printers, terminals, ovens, and box label printers. Ethernet was then used to connect the DeviceMaster to the company’s specialized Linux server. Both the DeviceMaster and Linux server are interrelated as one sends out a command while the other retrieves the necessary information; without proper connection, communication is not possible between these two devices.

Given that the pizza chain was using a customized Linux server, Comtrol’s industry leading Linux driver support was greatly utilized.  Comtrol’s technical support team worked inconjuction with the staff from the pizza company to ensure communication with the very specialized server.

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Transit Surveillance Powered by PoE

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For one U.S. city located on the West Coast of the United States, public transportation is continuing to rise.  When a public transportation company was planning an additional line for the light rail, they contacted Comtrol and purchased the RocketLinx ES7528 PoE (power over Ethernet) switch. With PoE, the RocketLinx is able to provide power to the IP cameras, IP phones, ticketing machines, and transit displays located along the platform.

The ES7528 is built for industrial use and can withstand the constant vibrations expected at a light rail station. In addition, it’s built to operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 65°C, making it the optimal solution for this light rail line.

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Light rail solution story

Critical Infrastructure Security with Laser Scanners

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MSP solution storyIn order to protect critical infrastructures such as nuclear power plants and airports, additional layers of security are being implemented with Time-of-Flight laser scanners. What makes these scanners distinct is that they are extremely accurate, highly programmable, and designed to withstand inclement weather. The laser’s invisible infrared (IR) barrier triggers an alarm once the plane has been broken.

Within airports, the LMS 1XX and TiM 3XX are replacing the metal gates used after closing in both restaurants and shops. The laser scanners have been a great alternative because they are more cost effective, do not require maintenance, and have proven to be extremely reliable.

iStock_000004996512XLargeNuclear power plants have also turned to laser scanners because of their filtering capabilities and accuracy. With the multi-echo technology, the scanners are able to accurately detect targets despite heavy rain, fog, sleet, or snow.

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POS System Integration for Vail Resort

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Vail POS Solution StoryThe System Analyst for Vail Resorts was faced with the task of  purchasing 400 serial controller cards. While exploring what options existed, his top priorities included reliability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. After further research, Vail Resorts decided on Comtrol’s RocketPort EXPRESS Octacable. As a result of the Octacable, customers are now able to purchase their lift tickets, retail items, and private lessons all from one point of sale (POS). This POS system offers Vail a cost-effective solution that provides high quality processing speed.

In addition to its cost effectiveness and reliability, the RocketPort EXPRESS Octacable sustains speeds of up to 921 Kbps, making it more powerful than any other serial controller cards on the market today. It also supports RS-232/422/485 serial connections and operates in temperatures ranging from 0° to 60°C.

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RocketLinx ® Industrial and PoE Switch Guides

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RocketLinx_group 2_rightBelow you will find specific resource guides that have been put together to provide instructions and answers to some common questions about our RocketLinx Industrial and PoE switch products. Please visit the RocketLinx Industrial and RocketLinx PoE pages for more information.


ROCKETLINX: Industrial Switches

RocketLinx Family PDF     Product Comparison Chart

ROCKETLINX: Power over Ethernet Switches

RocketLinx Family PDF     Product Comparison Chart

DeviceMaster Simplifies Direct Monitoring and Control for Multiple Substations

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Supplying electric services to over one million customers is no easy feat, but one U.S. energy company was able to do so thanks to Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS 16-port.

Connecting the DeviceMaster RTS to relays and RTUs (remote terminal units) gave this company control over each substation by connecting numerous devices, and gaining real-time monitoring access and control over data from each station. The information that is collected by the DeviceMaster is communicated directly to the central station by Ethernet.

The DeviceMaster RTS family of serial device servers enables browser-based remote port/device monitoring and configuration. Available in a variety of port sizes,
DeviceMaster RTS can simplify maintenance, reduce cost-of-ownership, and translate savings and efficiencies to your company’s bottom line!

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Communication Solutions for Traffic Monitoring

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Every day we rely on traffic control technology to keep our commutes safe.  Traffic lights, railroad systems and subway systems need reliable connectivity for proper functioning. But how can you ensure reliable connectivity?

The Iowa Department of Transportation was recently updating their traffic intersection monitoring systems, and was looking for a way to enable communication between cameras, battery backups, priority preemption systems, traffic controllers and other components that make a traffic light function. Comtrol’s RocketLinx ES8510-XT was put in place to provide reliable communication, while also relaying data back to the traffic management systems.IowaDOT

The RocketLinx ES8510-XT is an industrial Ethernet switch that provides rugged connectivity solutions for industrial Ethernet networks and systems such as  traffic intersection management. Along with having IP31-grade protection for rugged, harsh environments, these switches are designed to provide dependable networking solutions.

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