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MoboTrex Minnesota User’s Group

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We will be exhibiting at Mobotrex (Formerly Known as Brown Traffic Products, Inc.) Minnesota User’s Group 2016 on Wednesday January 27 and Thursday January 28 between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM.

Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport
7901 34th Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55425

Brown Traffic 2016

About Minnesota User’s Group 2016:
The User’s Group is an excellent opportunity for customers to network, meet leading traffic industry manufacturers one on one and experience classroom sessions on innovative technology.

The registration fee of $40.00 includes:

  • 2 days of informational and technical training
  • Opportunity to meet vendors one on one
  • Continental Breakfast, breaks and lunch each day


If you have any questions, please contact Katya Lee at or 763-957-6122

Check Out What You Missed at the North American IO-Link Workshop

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Comtrol recently hosted the 2015 IO-Link North American Competency Workshop. The workshop highlighted presentations from recognized experts on the use and deployment of IO-Link, showcased manufacturers from all around the world, and was attended by many network engineers, system integrators and ultimate end users of this new standard. View a short clip of the workshop here.

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IMSA 2015

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IMSA 2015 Annual Conference & School

Come visit us at booth #321 where we’ll be featuring our RocketLinx Switches at the 2015 IMSA Conference in New Orleans. You could be a guest to this event by receiving a free day pass!

The event will be held from August 23-25 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans

601 Loyola Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70113

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting please contact: Katya Lee at

+1 763-957-6122 or at

Material Handling with IO-Link

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A large industrial supplier in the Midwestern U.S. uses small and large plastic totes to transport material throughout their factory. As these totes move along the line, there are designated locations where they are empty and need to be stacked, but often times these totes entered the stacking area with material left inside, which caused the stacker machine to jam. To prevent this from continuing, the industrial supplier turned to a systems integrator and Comtrol’s IO-Link Master.

Due to its simple installation, the system integrator opted to use Comtrol’s IO Link Master DR-8-EIP to control Leuze Electronic IO-Link enabled light curtains and laser distance measuring sensors. With this implementation, the light curtains determine how the totes are stacked while the laser distance measuring devices scan for contents inside the totes.

The IO-Link Master DR-8-EIP offers eight IO-Link ports, two dedicated Digital Input/Digital Output ports, and ten Digital Input ports. With this configuration, the IO-Link Master allows the flexibility to support up to 20 device connections.

To view the complete story CLICK HERE

To learn more about Comtrol’s IO-Link Master CLICK HERE 

Distribution Center Enabled Via Modbus Communication

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With the continued growth of online shopping, one large online retailer was interested in improving their operations within their distribution centers. This online retailer turned to Comtrol when they learned of the DeviceMaster UP’s ability to support Master-to-Master communication. Traditionally, Modbus communication takes place between a master and a slave; the master gives out the command, and the slave answers back with the necessary information: weight, size, temperature, etc. Although many industry experts believed Master-to-Master communication wasn’t possible, Comtrol has discovered a way!

Through the purchase of Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP 2-Port 1E Modbus, the DeviceMasters support multiple functions within the distribution center, including a scanning, labeling, and printing process. Orders are weighed before they receive their appropriate shipping label, and to ensure accuracy, the DeviceMasters communicate with one another sending information regarding the size, weight, contents, etc. to ensure the package is receiving the correct shipping label.

Impressed with the improvements in their distribution center, the large integration project was given the go ahead and is now being implemented in additional warehouses in Europe, North America, and Canada.

To learn more about this solution, CLICK HERE

DeviceMaster Enables Legacy Devices for Pizza Chain

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DM legacy pizza chainTo accommodate for the legacy serial connections used in a large pizza chain, Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS 16-Port RJ45 connected the DeviceMaster to the cash registers, receipt printers, terminals, ovens, and box label printers. Ethernet was then used to connect the DeviceMaster to the company’s specialized Linux server. Both the DeviceMaster and Linux server are interrelated as one sends out a command while the other retrieves the necessary information; without proper connection, communication is not possible between these two devices.

Given that the pizza chain was using a customized Linux server, Comtrol’s industry leading Linux driver support was greatly utilized.  Comtrol’s technical support team worked inconjuction with the staff from the pizza company to ensure communication with the very specialized server.

To further learn about this solution, CLICK here to read the full story.

Transit Surveillance Powered by PoE

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For one U.S. city located on the West Coast of the United States, public transportation is continuing to rise.  When a public transportation company was planning an additional line for the light rail, they contacted Comtrol and purchased the RocketLinx ES7528 PoE (power over Ethernet) switch. With PoE, the RocketLinx is able to provide power to the IP cameras, IP phones, ticketing machines, and transit displays located along the platform.

The ES7528 is built for industrial use and can withstand the constant vibrations expected at a light rail station. In addition, it’s built to operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 65°C, making it the optimal solution for this light rail line.

To view the complete story, CLICK HERE

Light rail solution story

Critical Infrastructure Security with Laser Scanners

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MSP solution storyIn order to protect critical infrastructures such as nuclear power plants and airports, additional layers of security are being implemented with Time-of-Flight laser scanners. What makes these scanners distinct is that they are extremely accurate, highly programmable, and designed to withstand inclement weather. The laser’s invisible infrared (IR) barrier triggers an alarm once the plane has been broken.

Within airports, the LMS 1XX and TiM 3XX are replacing the metal gates used after closing in both restaurants and shops. The laser scanners have been a great alternative because they are more cost effective, do not require maintenance, and have proven to be extremely reliable.

iStock_000004996512XLargeNuclear power plants have also turned to laser scanners because of their filtering capabilities and accuracy. With the multi-echo technology, the scanners are able to accurately detect targets despite heavy rain, fog, sleet, or snow.

To view the full story CLICK HERE


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