Combat Training Facility IP Camera Monitoring

IP Camera Monitoring

Defending the United States of America is held with utmost importance by our government, states, communities and citizens.

Our troops require and maintain rigorous training schedules to keep prepared for war, developing new strategies that endure technological advancements and improved combat systems. Monitoring soldiers’ actions is crucial for effective training, and facilities are beginning to deploy enhanced monitoring tactics such as IP camera surveillance within their structures.

A large training facility located on a military base in Missouri chose to integrate IP camera monitoring into their training system. The base contracted NetWatch Inc., a surveillance systems integrator, to create a solution for their monitoring needs.

RocketLinx ES7528 -  IP Camera Monitoring

Comtrol’s RocketLinx® ES7528 Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch was chosen for use in the structure, as its rugged enclosure and wide operating temperature range met the required specifications. In addition, the intuitive management features helped NetWatch easily configure and deploy the switches, providing a robust and reliable solution while enabling an average of ten IP cameras per switch.

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