Comtrol Releases IO-Link Master 4-EIP


Comtrol Corporation has released their newest product, the IO-Link Master 4-EIP for industrial sensor connectivity. The IO-Link Master 4 EIP connects IO-Link sensors to EtherNet/IP and Modbus industrial networks, providing access to IO-Link sensor process, event, and service data.


“Comtrol is excited to extend its device communication expertise to digital IO sensors via the IO-Link standard. With our new IO-Link Master products, we can provide factory sensors a direct connection to ERP software systems such as SAP. This direct connection to SAP achieves the goals of Industrie 4.0, or Industrial Internet of Things, for global factory visibility,” says Comtrol’s President Bradford Beale, “Industrial sensor customers will also benefit from using our IO-Link Master due to Comtrol’s support for the widest variety of device manufacturers, whose sensors and actuators can be auto-recognized by our IO-Link Master.”

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RocketPort Allows for Versatility in Toll Booths


A tolling company in New Jersey was looking for a new way to connect peripheral devices in their toll booths to the main computer at each booth. They needed a serial port card with faster speeds and a large variety of ports available so that each peripheral device could be connected.

After evaluating several different port cards, the tolling company found th
at Comtrol’s RocketPort met all of their needs and specifications. RocketPort connected the receipt printers, coin machines, slot card readers, and fare displays, allowing each connection to exchange information with the main computer. It gave the tolling company versatility by offering numerous serial port options, and flexibility to meet the unique needs of various toll stations.

With the industry’s highest throughput across 4 to 128 ports, the RocketPort family of multiport serial cards is unsurpassed in performance. RocketPort offers unmatched data integrity as it maximizes host computer efficiency and minimizes data loss by offering large FIFOs. Delivering up to 921 Kbps transmit-and-receive throughput across all ports simultaneously, high volumes of traffic can flow seamlessly through the toll station.

Comtrol’s RocketPort family of serial cards make multiport connectivity more powerful, more reliable, easier-to-use, and more cost-effective than any other controller available on the market today.




After a complex design and product development phase, Comtrol has officially released the IO-Link Master 4-EIP! It is easily integrated into a system network, and is compatible with existing and new industrial Ethernet installations.  Designed for harsh environments and supporting a wide operating temperature from 0° to 55°C, its machine-mount design uses industrial grade components.

  • Connecting IO-Link sensors and actuators to the factory network while effectively shielding PLC programmers from IO-Link complexities.  This connection results in simplified EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP interfaces, which decrease system development time and installation efforts.
  • Providing EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP access to IO-Link sensor process, event and service data, and features a rugged IP67 slim-line design incorporating two Fast Ethernet ports and four IO-Link ports with M12 connectors.
  • Utilizes IODD auto-recognition – which uses stored IODD files for automatic discovery and default configuration of known sensors, and simultaneous communication between both EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP based controllers to IO-Link devices, sets the IO-Link Master 4-EIP apart to provide a complete IO-Link gateway solution for EtherNet/IP networks.

EIP-4 left lowComtrol has also been chosen as North America’s IO-Link Competency Center.  With increased developments in IO-Link technology, the need for Competency Centers has grown from locations in Germany and the Czech Republic to the USA. Competency Centers are “labs” where technical expertise and support are available and offered to IO-Link manufacturers and vendors.

Offical press release to follow!

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Comtrol NOW | Issue 28

Comtrol NOW | Issue 28

Worldwide Release DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus



MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – September 11, 2014 - Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial devices connectivity products, today officially released the DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus, the newest member of the DeviceMaster UP family of industrial gateways and the industry’s first 16-port high-density Modbus gateway. Featuring Comtrol’s highly advanced Modbus Router firmware, this gateway provides robust connectivity options for environments including factory, warehouse, energy, oil and gas, and transportation where the Modbus protocol is widely used for device and industrial network communications.  READ MORE

Success of IO-Link


Comtrol is helping to spread the industrial IO-Link initiative… who else is using IO-Link?

Customer Solution - ORT


Open Road Tolling for NHDOT – RocketLinx ES8108 enables the E-ZPass ORT system

Redundant Serial Device Monitoring


Whitepaper: Redundant serial device monitoring – a basic single serial device monitored by two PCs… 


APTA Expo & Annual Meeting (Houston, TX)
SPS / IPC Drives (Nuremburg, Germany)


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The roads and freeways of America’s cities often become extremely congested during rush hours. As a result, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) is making High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes open to use for Single Occupant Vehicles (SOVs) for a toll.

The tolling system (E-ZPass) is modeled similarly to that of the SunPass, MNPass, I-Pass, and EZ-Pass systems in Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana. It is required that numerous sensors and other pieces of equipment have the ability to reliably communicate – for an efficient and dependable tolling experience. An experienced Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) company was hired by NHDOT to oversee the upgrading of the tolling system.

Comtrol was able to provide a solution for the ETC company with the RocketLinx ES8108. The ES8108 is an unmanaged, industrial Ethernet switch, requiring no set up to allow true “plug-and-play” connectivity. The ES8108 transfers and receives data to and from connected devices. For this application, the ES8108 would maintain communication between sensors and traffic cameras in various tolling lanes.

Comtrol has partnered with this ETC company in the past for transportation solutions, and the partnership experience played an important factor in choosing Comtrol again. The RocketLinx ES8108 offered the desired port density for the application, and can function in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +70°C. In addition, the ES8108 is protected by IP31 grade aluminum housing. This provides excellent heat dispersion, protects against dust and water damage, and allows for easy DIN rail installation.

RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet switches are made for use in harsh environments and provide rugged connectivity solutions for industrial Ethernet networks and systems such as industrial packaging and processing, traffic intersection management and sensor data collection. Along with having IP31 grade protection for rugged, harsh environments, these switches are designed to provide dependable networking solutions.



Worldwide Release: DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus

Worldwide Release


DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus


PART NUMBER: 99582-1

For more information including:

  • Specifications
  • Product Description

Please refer to this document 

Comtrol is introducing the DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus compact Modbus gateway designed to provide serial and network communication between a vast array of Modbus controllers and devices.  Simplified configuration pages, comprehensive connectivity options, and informative diagnostics make for quick and easy set-up of even the most complex Modbus installations.


For more information or to request an evaluation unit, contact or 763.957.6000


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Unmanaged vs. Managed Switches for PROFINET Applications

RocketLinx_group 1_leftFinding the right Ethernet switch

When determining the correct switch to use for a PROFINET application, choosing between a managed switch and an unmanaged switch is usually the first decision. Both types of switches are perfectly capable of operating via PROFINET, though the application or environment usually determines which type is the best option. Managed switches are typically used in industrial settings requiring configuration and/or monitoring options, whereas unmanaged switches are designed for plug-and-play, simple Ethernet communication applications.

A managed switch provides more information and customization options than an unmanaged switch, though at a higher cost. Managed switches provide information that can help prevent downtime while improving troubleshooting when a system goes down. When the cost of a system downtime runs high, so does the importance of using a managed switch. Unmanaged switches on the other hand, provide less information, but at less cost. An unmanaged switch is just that – unmanaged.  All a user has to do is plug it into a system and the device begins operating as expected.

Comtrol offers both managed and unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches for reliable network and system communication.  For more information and to help determine the correct switch for your application, please refer to our RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet and RocketLinx Power over Ethernet switch comparison charts. 


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